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January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

You can call it as a pick up…actually read few lines some where ,,,and immediately on the same rhyming tone came these words and i just couldn’t help myself from penning it 😀
Though the words are mine,,,the way it rhymes has been followed from some where( don ask where 😛 cz i don’t remember 😛 )
sahil pr pahunche hi hai abi,
kshitiz ka didar abi baki hai
ye to sirf rah k Anu kankar hai
Manjil par rakhna kadam abi baki hai!!
Na rok mujhe ae rahgujar,
Safar to shuru hua hai abi,
Gagan ki udaan abi baaki  hai!!
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I’m yet to begin ;) !

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

After strolling around my own blog i realized i have never told why actually and for what I’m to this space 😀 . Or what kinda person am I (though it hardly matters 😉 as my blog speaks it well ) . Still if you are wondering where you have got stuck,,,, “A veryy warm welcome to you in my Insane World” :mrgreen: . Roam around with a cup of hot tea/coffee/ what ever you wish/like to have 😛 , i assure you it will taste even more good 😉 .  I try to write everything from poem/fiction/prose/stories/anything ….that strikes my mind + mood as I’m still learning to write I’m yet to begin to write 😉 .

Have fun reading :mrgreen:

Keep Visiting :mrgreen:

And above all do let me know your honest response 🙂 .

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