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Did you mean it baby when

 You said,

You “Love Me”?

On your knees

And I stood bedewed

Sturdy with “NO”


Ooh if you really meant it baby

How you didn’t espy?

Things I couldn’t whisper

But did confess

My eyes


Walked off Disheartened

And bereaved

I yelled to construe but

Petty you perceived.


Ego ensconced everything,

Once we shared

Culminate our relationship

Silence and despair


 Love, care, joy, happiness

Life was all fun

Now all I behold baby

Is a pandemonium


I ain’t complaining honey

  As    “I”  know,

    It’s the asinine “ME”

  Still sodden with

 Tender of your


  That once “YOU” bestowed.


Yuppieeeeeeeee i was successful in giving a try :mrgreen:

hmm dono how it came out, but finally i made my first attempt :mrgreen: .

A post from my freaky world of dreams 😀 .



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Just 10 Rs

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

This specie by God, no wonder is a perfect blend of positive and negative traits that makes it so distinct from his other experiments , some successful some failed. Wondering what I am blabbering of? 😉 Yeah you are right there. I am talking of none other than the biggesttt achievement (as he says 😉 ) of God- “Human” . The utmost care was taken to its creation as it was one of the biggest projects ever. The specie was embodied with all good virtues and lil hidden anti-attributes. But, though it was a grand success in all, few (sorryyy not few actually one as I don’t think he would have repeated his mistake 😛 ) samples of it mutated to blunder 🙄 (Hmmm as u know 100% of perfection in anything is practically couldn’t be thought of or achieved 😉 ). While coding the brain of this sample, guess the hard working resources of his firm were lil drowsy  and skipped the most important code “Memory” 🙄 .

If you are still wondering about whom/what I am speaking, well it’s none other than me 😀 . Yeah dono why I love to exaggerate my own negative traits 🙄 . Ok getting back to the post now 😛 .

Apart from all the other defects- that lies out of scope of this post 😛 this defective sample has a very bad habit of always forgetting to carry money with her ( Thanks to those drowsy workers 😡 ) . Though there are many incidences that made a fool out of her here is the recent one that added to the list of disgrace.

Last Sunday she visited the Air Force canteen (monthly routine) and dumped my basket with all that illuminated my eyes. After all the corners were surfed and the basket filled to absolute she could stroll. It was now the time to bill the gathered assets. She opens her purse contemptuously with a broad smile (that all 32 teeth could be easily counted if you are good in arithmetics 😛 )of contentment as all she was searching for was in her basket. Searches two/three/four in fact all the divisions she had in her purse and then 🙄 dhamppppppp all it contained were arid cards, no trace of greenery found 🙄  (Thanks to her sisters who were the reasons for the cleanliness of it 😛 )

Note: No cards accepted there.

Explaining the situation to the sweet compassionate lady on the counter she rushes to the nearby ATM. But thanks to her fortune, all she could withdraw was two thousand bucks and it said “No Money Available” . The bill was of Rs 2010 and she had Rs 2000 now. There was no source of money nearby and next ATM at 7 Km (She would have preferred to get back home instead). Abandoned by situation she went back to the counter, explicated the situation, asked to deduct any item the lady hated 😛 . She looked at her and then to her abounding basket to and forth 3 / 4 times and exclaimed “ Leave it girl, give the balance when you come again”.

(Dono whether she was scared of taking out anything from my basket or was so pleased by my innocent looking face 😛 or it was the magic of that charming smile 😛 that she was forced to trust me for Rs 10 at that moment )

It’s not the first time, she forgets to carry money/check her purse every time she steps out 😀 least bothered to learn from the mistakes committed she narrates it with proud 😀 (Shameless !! isn’t she ? 😉 )

After she reached home, all  her sis were rolling out of laughter once again (happens usually nothing new 😛 ) and mummy exclaiming “Ladki tu kab sudhregi?” (Gal, when are you gonna change? )

Any of you suffered/suffer from same syndrome? 😉 No same pinch plz 😛 just help me search those drowsy workers, the main reason behind all this 😡 😛 .

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Bless me Plzz

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s obvious that when you bow to some old people/parents/ some one elder out of respect the blessings are spelled right away w/o any second thought. Isn’t it? But what will you do if it doesnt 🙄 . How will you react inspite of you asking for it some one thinks whether to bless or not 🙄 . Isn’t it so unfair 😥 ? All we ask for is blessing (so contended we 😛 ) and even for that if some one hesitates 🙄 😡 . But then how, one so obsessed like me can let the other escape w/o having to bless me 😉 😛 . Either by will or cz of my obstinacy but you have to. There is no escape route 👿 .

 It was some days back that I was invited along with my family for a house warming function. A friend of my mummy recently extended her house from two room set to eight with an addictional floor ( Pity the whole of garden along with the speenaches and flowers , a part of their house now were all murdered 😦 and there stands a pillar now on their ashes ). A total transformation from a beautiful dream house to a builder’s hands on experience ( As need to walk with the current trend of lending it for rent- a new source of income ). Anyways not distracting the topic any more 😛 , I was invited for the function along with the other guests.

The house looked really amazing. My eyes were just glued to its beauty and spaciousness. I was so impressed with it that couldn’t restrain myself from getting capitulated in trance of the same 😀 . All the castles of my dream vanished when my mummy pinched me to bow to an old aunty(probably in her 70’s), mother in law of her friend.

 I bowed and she just smiled. She asked me whether I liked the house? Baffled me, just replied- “Aunty bless me that I own one of this kind soon” (Now don call me greedy 😛 ) . She was stunned 🙄 . I was expecting the blessings to just spell from her mouth as it happens usually but 😥 . All I perceived was a blank/confused/perturbed look. Now she aroused that cantankerous gal in me 👿 . I asked her again -“Aunty bless me plz 😉 ” . But again 😥 . She was sitting just bemused hesitant to speak anything, trying to avoid looking just left and right. Huh but, it was now decided, until she blesses me she can’t escape 👿 😛 .

Now again like a very good genteel girl 😛 , I just sat beside her and asked what is that stopping you from just blessing me 😥 “Bless me plzz” . She finally, smiled and said “Don worry beti (daughter) you will own one bigger than this”. I just jumped out of happiness and felt so obliged. It was not less than winning a war, floor just slipped off under me hearing her sweet voice 😀 . It was for the first time, I struggled this hard for getting just the blessings of some one 🙄 . But then it was fun 😀 .

Dono what made me so adamant, but then thinking of myself and her expressions I was rolling out of laughter 😀 .

After having achieved all I wanted I just turned back, and saw my mother giving that affronted look- “Ghar chal tu, mai tujhe batati hu” 😛 . (You come home, I will see you ) .

 And you can guess what would have happened after that 😥 . But even today when I think of that incident, I just can’t control laughing like hell 😀 .

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Fun with Inquisitives

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In your day today busy/free life you would have definitely witnessed these special creatures called “Inquisitives”. At the start you would have been patient and replied to the queries like a gentleman and holy souls. Second time, you would have made the attempt with patience thinking that it’s your mistake we were not clear enough. Third time though lil frustrated but still having a control on your rage and health conscious as it’s not good for health (told by one of my friend that it leads to BP 😛 ) you would have tried making that “Inquisitive creature” understand the things. But what if still the storm of queries and questions doesn’t halts 🙄 and that too for something for which you need to scratch your head, hair, bones, skin(what ever you could 😛 ) so that, that “Inquisitive creature” put a Full Stop to it.

I can see some confused, irriated , frustrated faces trying to figure out what actually this “Inquisitive Creature” is and what am i blabbering off 😛 . Well, I happened to meet a batch mate (we meet daily 😛 ) and she told about one for her friend who is in the same team. After listening to the pathetic pitiable condition of the holy soul of my friend all i could do is just roll over the stairs  :mrgreen: 😆 .

Till we were in academy oly some lucky and fortunate one’s (Like me 😛 ) had the access to OCS. Where as other’s had just heard of it and seen but no practial hands on (Though it’s hardly needed 😛 ). It’s about the time when we were newly allocated to the project and that “Inquisitvie Character” was allocated the machine.

On seeing sumthing glowing in green at the right corner that he could name and identify but couldn’t figure out the purpose and manuals to use as his inquitiveness knew only to ponder questions not to find out 😛 . So here he are his crazy queries that made my friend almost bang her head 😆 . Hope atleast you guys don’t 😛 .

He: Hei, do you know what’s the purpose of this OCS.
She: (Busy going through application) Ya, for official comminication.

(Makes note of it in is notepad: ” For Official purpose”)

He: Oh, but why is it in green?
She: It means that you are available.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Green: Available”)

He: But available for what? 🙄
She: “@$%$^%$^%$^#$%@$! (dono wat 2 say but patiently) Means people can reach out to you freely.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Available-Free”)

He: And what does this red one donate?
She:(very calmly and patiently as shez a holy soul 😛 ) It means you are busy.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Red-Busy”)

He: But busy in what? 🙄
She: (Ohh God,,,, what sin did i commit 😥 still making her whole effort to sound as sweet as jelly :P) It means you may be busy in some work, or meeting or could be anything.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Busy-Work/meeting”)

He: I have a doubt. People won’t reach out to you when you are busy? Does it mean you are reallllyyyy veryy busy? 🙄
She: (dhamppp dhampppppppp banging her head 😛  hmm but still a real true soul how can she go against humanity :P) They can ya, but it means that you won’t prefer to be disturbed.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Busy-No preference to be disturbed”)

He: And what is this “Do not disturb” then?
She: (:cry: 😥 still controlling her tears and) It means you are asking people not to disturb you. You are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy busy.
It’s all self understood yar just read the captions. It’s just as gtalk. I am also like you only not a veteran of all this. 👿

He: Ya but still I wana know evrything in deeeepppp. You know I don wana have any confusion later.
One more thing,,,,,,,
(Mind it only 1 😛 )
What is the difference between “Busy” and “Do not disturb” as it all mean the same 🙄
She: 😡 😡 😡 😡 (Finally the holy sould was forced to arouse the devil in her and) If you ask one more question,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “&&^^^^###@@@@@@@” you try and find out on your own 😡
He: 🙄 allright 😦

(seems he read everthing on her face what she could speak 😛 )

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Do not disturb-Don’t ask more questions”)

Next day whole day she and her friends saw his status as “Do not disturb” though all others were totally free being new to the project. Getting very curious about where is he held up so much she approached him and asked-

In what you are so busy?

He: Who said  I am busy?

Then from yesterday your status is “Do not Disturb”?

He: Ohh that,,,hmm as you said I am testing it’s functionality and how it works 🙂 (Feeling of pride- a true tester)

She: 😥 😥 😥 dhamppppppppp dhamppppppppp

You would have understood everything 😛 . Hmm but really i think that this “Inquisitive Creatures” are fun to be with 😀 . Am I right? 😉 Dono how many of you have got the opportunity to meet these Inquisitives 😀 .

P.S- No hard feelings plz, just thought of having some fun with people of such inquisitiveness 😀

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This Valentine- with a best friend – 2

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Part 1

I could see the anger in his eyes for arriving late as usual but,,,,,,,,,,,,, the spark in his eyes and the obvious beguile revealed the delectation of his heart,, noting my presence he mumbled in his tender voice-“%%^^&&**~~~~,,,,,,”

Me: What?
He: (Pretending to be  angry) Am I a  donkey to wait for you like this? 😡
Me: hihiihhiihhi this you shud have thought before shaking hands wit me 😀
He: You mean when wen you were 13 and i was 12 🙄 ?
Me: Why? Did I ever force you for anything? 😡
He: Nope, it was me to fall into the pit willingly and bare you still 😀 .
Me: Shuttttttttttt Upppppppppp.
He: Ok stupid we will fight later come first lets search a place as everything seems to be already filled with Tota n maina’s(Love Birds) of the day.

Roaming round the city hopping from one restaurant to another in search of just 2 free chairs we ended up to a small restaurant, our ultimate hope in that locale.
He: What you want?
Me: Just a pizza n hmm chocolate cake 😀
He: Bhukhadd 😡 (Hungry person) I am talking about some gift 😡
Today is V-Day,,,
Me: First get my Pizza then will talk about it 😉
He: 👿 You are hopeless 😡
Me: Nai re really I am serious. Just something freaky was ruining my mind and called up yesterday and finally messaged and confessed 😀
He: Still I haven’t heard it.
Me: Huh that’s your prob 😛  Now don’t start over it again.
He: You are so mean 😦 . Ok. Then why spending this day with me?
Me: Idiot with who else can I spend V-Day with? I Love You and You Love Me so thought of celebrating the Love  of our relationship 😀
He: Idiot, I am not your Boyfriend/Lover to spend the time on V-Day 😡
Me: So what? V-day is just meant for love. Let it be of our friendship 🙂 . All I knew that I wanted to thank ya for the bliss of all your Love, Care and friendship. And which other day could be as auspicious as V-Day for this?
He: Really you made my day. Today’s date  is registered in the memories of my golden history. It was me all these years confessing my Love to you. For the first time in these 9 years you confessed to me.
Me: Ab baar baar yaad mat dilaaoo mere ko uski 😥  (Now don’t remind me of that again and again )He: I will really miss you stupid when you would be gone from here.
Me: Idiot it’s not my marriage tomorrow that you are shedding tears 😡
He: hahhahhaha wish it was 😥  I would be free to sight other gals at least 😀
Me: Shuttttttttt Upppppp. Where the hell I am stopping you now?
He: Aahh with your tortures 24*7  where is the time to think of it?
Me: 😡 Jaaaa be (Get Lost) .
He: Hmm,,,,,,,, really would miss ya in your absence and thanks for everything. You are and will be my besttttttt friend for ever, none can replace you 🙂 . As usual you were at your best surprising me 🙂
Me: Same Pinch :D(His cell rings,,,,,,,,, it’s a mutual friend Shalu)
He: Le baatt kar it’s Shalu.(Talk to her, it’s Shalu)
Me: Hei, hiiiiiiiiiiii,,,
Shalu: Abee  tu is samay wo bhi aaj k din iske saath kya kar rahi hai? (Hei, what are you doing on V-day with him?)
Me: Humara Love celebrate kar rahi hu 😀 (Celebrating our Love)
He: haan haan aaj hi jaga hai wo iske andr (Ya Ya this love has aroused today only in her heart)
Shalu: hiihihhihiihihih abe tere or koi nai mila kya? Jo aaj k din bhi isko looott rahi hai? Aaj k din to ise free chod deti. (Didn’t you get any one else that today also you are looting him only? At least today you should have left him free.)
Me: He is single yet and me too so thought why to let go the opportunity till we both are committed to somebody 😀
Shalu: hahahahhha difficult to understand both of you. Who will say that you both are just best friends more over like siblings.
Chal Enjoy. I will talk to him later.(Cuts the call)

There was a spark in both of our eyes and the ravishing feeling of elation put a pause to the moment. Suddenly my cell ringed.

Oopppss it’s mummy what’s the time?
He: 9:30 😀
Idiot why didn’t you tell 😡 Today there will be Diwali in my home 😥
He: Stupid I too saw now only. Don’t worry I spoke to aunt some time before. She won’t say anything :)When did you? 🙄
He: Ohh leav all this come lets start now it’s late.
No,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when did you? 🙄
He: Ohh come fastt,,,,,,,,,

After i reached home all my sis were rolling over the bed with laughter, mummy pondering her words of comments & friends with their messages of criticism. All for one reason- “Dind’t these guys find anyone else to spend the V-day with 🙄 ”

All we knew that for the day were just perfect. The two stupids in love the two just best friends 🙂 . It became an unforgettable moment for us and a matter of laughter for rest 😦 .

—————————————> Drz no THE END<—————————————–

P.S: Ek baat batana bhul hi gai. He is a year younger than me and calls me Di sometimes to tease 😛 .
(Forgot to tell onething. He is a year younger than me and calls me Di sometimes to tease 😛 .)

The incidents and conversation depicted above are mix of truth+ imagination.

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This Valentine- with a best friend

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Planning to draft this post since 14th Feb now that auspicious time arrived where in I got the chance to mark my presence :D. Here is my entry to the V-Day Carnival :D. Though bit late but still finally i was able to make it :D.
Here is my post on my V-day experience and how it turned to be memorable for me but a matter of laughter for others 😦 .

Evening 13th Feb, I was wandering round my terrace. Whole day i had been in dilemma and been trying to figure out how the hell people find it so easy to express things they feel 🙄 . I have known him from years and still i was struggling to say what i want to 🙄 as if he didn’t knew anything 🙄 I planned many a times and many different ways but no idea could clear through my intellect. The mind was just like a blank sheet after thousands of scribblings followed by erasing.  I was wandering how easily he had confessed number of times that i can’t even count 🙄 . I would just smile that time and ask him to shut up and wake in the real world rather sleeping in his virtual escatasy of dream. He too will just look at me and leave the things where it is. Never knew how much one needed to struggle to just confess 🙄 .

But this time I decided, that I will . Though I knew it is like facing my 12th board exams once again 🙄 . (It’s different that I wouldn’t have struggled this much even that time 😛 ). Hmm everything was planned by the end of evening and i was closely looking at the clock to strike 12. My heart was getting so unstable thinking of the after effects and the response, still the decision was firm.

Finally the moment arrived, clock striked 12 and there was a pause in my heart beat. Everything was so calm(I hated the silence that moment as it was making me all the more nervous). I took my cell with sweaty shivering hands and dialled his no. He picked up the call-

He: Hei hi didn’t sleep yet? Tell me what’s the matter?
Me: (pause,,,,,,trying to speak but throat seems to have swallowed the voice and all i could do is sniff)He: Hei stupid will you speak up? You there?
Me: (Shivering as though i am in Cobra’s lungs 😛 ) Cut the call.
He: (Puzzledd )Tries calling but Network doesn’t seem to be in his favour.

After the big disaster of all my plannings/self-trainings/trials decided to draft everything in simple text and no sooner fingers ran over the keypad of the cell (Even they would have been wondering that moment whether i was in my senses 😀 ) that read “I Love You” and clicked on send.
After 2 min, hei bhagwaan (oh my god) was it me with all that stupid insane act 🙄 . Plz plz God give me an option to delete the last 5 minutes from my life history 😦 .
Clock striked 1, my cell rings again,,seeing his name, my heart skipped a beat once again(picking up the call)

He: Hello madam, You there?
Me: Huh you called me in mid-night to enquire this? 🙄
He: hahahha btw was it meant actually for me?
Me: Nope, forward it to your neighbour it’s for him 😛 .
He: Stupid what happened to you?
Me: Why what’s wrong? Can’t I Love you? 🙄
He: hahahha ya stupid you can and Love ya toooooooo.
Me: I know that 😀 nothing new .
He: huh ok so now when you have also agreed to it come lets celebrate our affair this evening.
Me: Don’t you have any other plans? I don wana be a haddi in ur delicious kabab 😛 .
He: ohh stop bluffing, btw I am sooooo happy today. You made my day. I had been waiting for it from soooooooooooo longggggggggg around 9 years. And finally you made it. I could feel the shiver in your voice still 😉 .  I wana hear you saying it.

Me:(deviating from the talk) Shutttttttt uppp. No more nonsense now.
He: Just once yar,, for me plzzzzzzzzz won’t you?
Me: Hei,,,,,, (dono how to escape)
Ok lets speak tomorrow it’s very late and if mummy wakes up both of us will have to listen all ramayan and mahabharath for the rest of night.

He: Ok. Then tomorrow see you at 6. But won’t let you escape then 😉
Me: Ok ok will seee tata for now. Good Night.
He: Bye .

Yet again the night seemed so long and day turned into my biggest enemy for that day. Finally the moment arrived, I dressed in my best stepping out of my house, suddenly heard some calling from back… hei just stoppp.(Oopppsss its mummy,, i am gone now)
Mummy: Kidhr jaa rahi hai? (Where are you going?)
Me: Mummy bataya to tha subah,, I am going to meet him 😀 . ( Morning didn’t i inform you, I am going to meet him 😀 )
(Listening to the conversation between me and my mum my sisters step in )
Sister: (Pulling my leg) Di are you guys out of your brain? 😀 Didn’t you people get any one else to celebrate the day with?
Me: Ohh Chup kar tu. Tere ko kya problem hai? Hmm humari marzi. (Ohh you shut up. What’s your problem? It’s our wish)
Mummy: (Smiling) Tum dono naa bass,,,,,,,,Ufff Aaj kal k ye bacheee,,,, jaa par jaldi laut aana.(Two of you ,,,, Uff this generation of today,,,, ok go but be back soon)
Sister: hahhaha Di hum bhi chale saath me? 😀 Bhaiya ko wish karne? 😀 (Di shall we also join you? 😀 to Wish bhaiya today? 😀 )
Me: Chuppp,,, jaa apnaa kaam kar. I am leaving now.( Shutt uppp. Go and do your work)
Finally i made up to the place. Clock striked 7. As usual he was waiting for me from one and half hours. His bad habit of arriving half an hour before- Not my mistake 😛 ). I could see the anger in his eyes for coming late as usual but ………………………………………………

( to be continued)

PS: Most of the talks and incidents described here are imaginary 😀 and bear only lil(Hmm Ok bit more than lil 😛 ) relevance to reality 😀 .

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Comment or Compliment

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

There have been many situations where in I am forced to strain my lil covert brain to decide whether the remark received was delivered as a comment or a compliment . Dono whether the person is sarcastically commenting or the complement has been misinterpreted by my innocent mind 🙄

Finally after long hours of brain storming sessions, discussions, debates, between all my nerve cells(till they lose all their strength to toil any more  😛 )  the optimist ME will announce the final conclusion consoling myself – “Be happy yar, It was a compliment” 😀  .(Even if it meant the other way 😛 ) and my nerve cells curse me for making them stretch more than their usual working hours and especially for something that doesn’t fall in their scope 😛  (They are used to it now 😛 ).    There are many examples but I will constrain to few that I could recollect.

It was yesterday when I just came out of house and was wearing my sandal that my new neighbor aunty asked me “ Ithu varikum schooluku pogalaya” and I was like 🙄 . Though I don’t understand tamil that well but clearly understood this and couldn’t decide whether to accept it as a compliment or take it as a comment 🙄 and was standing numb. After few minutes controlling all my mixed emotions I replied in my tooty footy tamil – “Aunty, I am no more in school, I am working now and leaving to office.” Now she was like  🙄 . But consoling herself or me (Dono) she said oh I thought it’s your younger sis ( It’s different that me and my sis have the difference of east and west 😀 ).

Joining the project newly after a part of the KT session was over I was asked by my PM to take a presentation as reverse KT. I felt it as a total disaster on my part as what I prepared was all in bits and the manager was demanding it all in detail 🙄  . Anyways somehow managing the situation after I completed the presentation PM remarked- “As a start of the presentation & reverse KT, the way you presented and the presentation was good, but improve your content from next time.” Huh again the same situation 🙄 . Whether he was commenting on my poor content or was complimenting for the way I presented  🙄 . Though this time it seemed a mix of both 😀 .

I was talking to a old friend of mine where in interrupting me in the middle of the conversation he remarked as “You know cz of the your nonstop talkative character, it’s very difficult for anyone to surpass you. But still we enjoy your company.” And I was again like 🙄 . Whether he was sarcastically commenting me for being so talkative or was complimenting for the company 🙄 . (Huh now who will answer that? My poor brain.)

On the birthday of one of my batch mate, when I called up to wish him, and he remarked I was a good Hitler(rep). Huh again the poor me couldn’t understand and finally asked what he meant by that. And the reply was you managed it well though being a Hitler and he was glad to be a part of our batch. Now again 🙄  Whether he was sarcastically commenting on me calling me a Hitler or was complementing for the way it was managed 🙄 . Who will reply for that? 😦

(Uff guess it’s better to ask the concerned person itself rather than straining our poor mind 😛 )

Dono what the other means while making the remarks but the conclusion remains the same most of the time 😀 . Thanks to very optimist me 😛 .

Ve fun.

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