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Comment or Compliment

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There have been many situations where in I am forced to strain my lil covert brain to decide whether the remark received was delivered as a comment or a compliment . Dono whether the person is sarcastically commenting or the complement has been misinterpreted by my innocent mind 🙄

Finally after long hours of brain storming sessions, discussions, debates, between all my nerve cells(till they lose all their strength to toil any more  😛 )  the optimist ME will announce the final conclusion consoling myself – “Be happy yar, It was a compliment” 😀  .(Even if it meant the other way 😛 ) and my nerve cells curse me for making them stretch more than their usual working hours and especially for something that doesn’t fall in their scope 😛  (They are used to it now 😛 ).    There are many examples but I will constrain to few that I could recollect.

It was yesterday when I just came out of house and was wearing my sandal that my new neighbor aunty asked me “ Ithu varikum schooluku pogalaya” and I was like 🙄 . Though I don’t understand tamil that well but clearly understood this and couldn’t decide whether to accept it as a compliment or take it as a comment 🙄 and was standing numb. After few minutes controlling all my mixed emotions I replied in my tooty footy tamil – “Aunty, I am no more in school, I am working now and leaving to office.” Now she was like  🙄 . But consoling herself or me (Dono) she said oh I thought it’s your younger sis ( It’s different that me and my sis have the difference of east and west 😀 ).

Joining the project newly after a part of the KT session was over I was asked by my PM to take a presentation as reverse KT. I felt it as a total disaster on my part as what I prepared was all in bits and the manager was demanding it all in detail 🙄  . Anyways somehow managing the situation after I completed the presentation PM remarked- “As a start of the presentation & reverse KT, the way you presented and the presentation was good, but improve your content from next time.” Huh again the same situation 🙄 . Whether he was commenting on my poor content or was complimenting for the way I presented  🙄 . Though this time it seemed a mix of both 😀 .

I was talking to a old friend of mine where in interrupting me in the middle of the conversation he remarked as “You know cz of the your nonstop talkative character, it’s very difficult for anyone to surpass you. But still we enjoy your company.” And I was again like 🙄 . Whether he was sarcastically commenting me for being so talkative or was complimenting for the company 🙄 . (Huh now who will answer that? My poor brain.)

On the birthday of one of my batch mate, when I called up to wish him, and he remarked I was a good Hitler(rep). Huh again the poor me couldn’t understand and finally asked what he meant by that. And the reply was you managed it well though being a Hitler and he was glad to be a part of our batch. Now again 🙄  Whether he was sarcastically commenting on me calling me a Hitler or was complementing for the way it was managed 🙄 . Who will reply for that? 😦

(Uff guess it’s better to ask the concerned person itself rather than straining our poor mind 😛 )

Dono what the other means while making the remarks but the conclusion remains the same most of the time 😀 . Thanks to very optimist me 😛 .

Ve fun.

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