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This Valentine- with a best friend

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Planning to draft this post since 14th Feb now that auspicious time arrived where in I got the chance to mark my presence :D. Here is my entry to the V-Day Carnival :D. Though bit late but still finally i was able to make it :D.
Here is my post on my V-day experience and how it turned to be memorable for me but a matter of laughter for others 😦 .

Evening 13th Feb, I was wandering round my terrace. Whole day i had been in dilemma and been trying to figure out how the hell people find it so easy to express things they feel 🙄 . I have known him from years and still i was struggling to say what i want to 🙄 as if he didn’t knew anything 🙄 I planned many a times and many different ways but no idea could clear through my intellect. The mind was just like a blank sheet after thousands of scribblings followed by erasing.  I was wandering how easily he had confessed number of times that i can’t even count 🙄 . I would just smile that time and ask him to shut up and wake in the real world rather sleeping in his virtual escatasy of dream. He too will just look at me and leave the things where it is. Never knew how much one needed to struggle to just confess 🙄 .

But this time I decided, that I will . Though I knew it is like facing my 12th board exams once again 🙄 . (It’s different that I wouldn’t have struggled this much even that time 😛 ). Hmm everything was planned by the end of evening and i was closely looking at the clock to strike 12. My heart was getting so unstable thinking of the after effects and the response, still the decision was firm.

Finally the moment arrived, clock striked 12 and there was a pause in my heart beat. Everything was so calm(I hated the silence that moment as it was making me all the more nervous). I took my cell with sweaty shivering hands and dialled his no. He picked up the call-

He: Hei hi didn’t sleep yet? Tell me what’s the matter?
Me: (pause,,,,,,trying to speak but throat seems to have swallowed the voice and all i could do is sniff)He: Hei stupid will you speak up? You there?
Me: (Shivering as though i am in Cobra’s lungs 😛 ) Cut the call.
He: (Puzzledd )Tries calling but Network doesn’t seem to be in his favour.

After the big disaster of all my plannings/self-trainings/trials decided to draft everything in simple text and no sooner fingers ran over the keypad of the cell (Even they would have been wondering that moment whether i was in my senses 😀 ) that read “I Love You” and clicked on send.
After 2 min, hei bhagwaan (oh my god) was it me with all that stupid insane act 🙄 . Plz plz God give me an option to delete the last 5 minutes from my life history 😦 .
Clock striked 1, my cell rings again,,seeing his name, my heart skipped a beat once again(picking up the call)

He: Hello madam, You there?
Me: Huh you called me in mid-night to enquire this? 🙄
He: hahahha btw was it meant actually for me?
Me: Nope, forward it to your neighbour it’s for him 😛 .
He: Stupid what happened to you?
Me: Why what’s wrong? Can’t I Love you? 🙄
He: hahahha ya stupid you can and Love ya toooooooo.
Me: I know that 😀 nothing new .
He: huh ok so now when you have also agreed to it come lets celebrate our affair this evening.
Me: Don’t you have any other plans? I don wana be a haddi in ur delicious kabab 😛 .
He: ohh stop bluffing, btw I am sooooo happy today. You made my day. I had been waiting for it from soooooooooooo longggggggggg around 9 years. And finally you made it. I could feel the shiver in your voice still 😉 .  I wana hear you saying it.

Me:(deviating from the talk) Shutttttttt uppp. No more nonsense now.
He: Just once yar,, for me plzzzzzzzzz won’t you?
Me: Hei,,,,,, (dono how to escape)
Ok lets speak tomorrow it’s very late and if mummy wakes up both of us will have to listen all ramayan and mahabharath for the rest of night.

He: Ok. Then tomorrow see you at 6. But won’t let you escape then 😉
Me: Ok ok will seee tata for now. Good Night.
He: Bye .

Yet again the night seemed so long and day turned into my biggest enemy for that day. Finally the moment arrived, I dressed in my best stepping out of my house, suddenly heard some calling from back… hei just stoppp.(Oopppsss its mummy,, i am gone now)
Mummy: Kidhr jaa rahi hai? (Where are you going?)
Me: Mummy bataya to tha subah,, I am going to meet him 😀 . ( Morning didn’t i inform you, I am going to meet him 😀 )
(Listening to the conversation between me and my mum my sisters step in )
Sister: (Pulling my leg) Di are you guys out of your brain? 😀 Didn’t you people get any one else to celebrate the day with?
Me: Ohh Chup kar tu. Tere ko kya problem hai? Hmm humari marzi. (Ohh you shut up. What’s your problem? It’s our wish)
Mummy: (Smiling) Tum dono naa bass,,,,,,,,Ufff Aaj kal k ye bacheee,,,, jaa par jaldi laut aana.(Two of you ,,,, Uff this generation of today,,,, ok go but be back soon)
Sister: hahhaha Di hum bhi chale saath me? 😀 Bhaiya ko wish karne? 😀 (Di shall we also join you? 😀 to Wish bhaiya today? 😀 )
Me: Chuppp,,, jaa apnaa kaam kar. I am leaving now.( Shutt uppp. Go and do your work)
Finally i made up to the place. Clock striked 7. As usual he was waiting for me from one and half hours. His bad habit of arriving half an hour before- Not my mistake 😛 ). I could see the anger in his eyes for coming late as usual but ………………………………………………

( to be continued)

PS: Most of the talks and incidents described here are imaginary 😀 and bear only lil(Hmm Ok bit more than lil 😛 ) relevance to reality 😀 .

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