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Fun with Inquisitives

In your day today busy/free life you would have definitely witnessed these special creatures called “Inquisitives”. At the start you would have been patient and replied to the queries like a gentleman and holy souls. Second time, you would have made the attempt with patience thinking that it’s your mistake we were not clear enough. Third time though lil frustrated but still having a control on your rage and health conscious as it’s not good for health (told by one of my friend that it leads to BP 😛 ) you would have tried making that “Inquisitive creature” understand the things. But what if still the storm of queries and questions doesn’t halts 🙄 and that too for something for which you need to scratch your head, hair, bones, skin(what ever you could 😛 ) so that, that “Inquisitive creature” put a Full Stop to it.

I can see some confused, irriated , frustrated faces trying to figure out what actually this “Inquisitive Creature” is and what am i blabbering off 😛 . Well, I happened to meet a batch mate (we meet daily 😛 ) and she told about one for her friend who is in the same team. After listening to the pathetic pitiable condition of the holy soul of my friend all i could do is just roll over the stairs  :mrgreen: 😆 .

Till we were in academy oly some lucky and fortunate one’s (Like me 😛 ) had the access to OCS. Where as other’s had just heard of it and seen but no practial hands on (Though it’s hardly needed 😛 ). It’s about the time when we were newly allocated to the project and that “Inquisitvie Character” was allocated the machine.

On seeing sumthing glowing in green at the right corner that he could name and identify but couldn’t figure out the purpose and manuals to use as his inquitiveness knew only to ponder questions not to find out 😛 . So here he are his crazy queries that made my friend almost bang her head 😆 . Hope atleast you guys don’t 😛 .

He: Hei, do you know what’s the purpose of this OCS.
She: (Busy going through application) Ya, for official comminication.

(Makes note of it in is notepad: ” For Official purpose”)

He: Oh, but why is it in green?
She: It means that you are available.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Green: Available”)

He: But available for what? 🙄
She: “@$%$^%$^%$^#$%@$! (dono wat 2 say but patiently) Means people can reach out to you freely.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Available-Free”)

He: And what does this red one donate?
She:(very calmly and patiently as shez a holy soul 😛 ) It means you are busy.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Red-Busy”)

He: But busy in what? 🙄
She: (Ohh God,,,, what sin did i commit 😥 still making her whole effort to sound as sweet as jelly :P) It means you may be busy in some work, or meeting or could be anything.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Busy-Work/meeting”)

He: I have a doubt. People won’t reach out to you when you are busy? Does it mean you are reallllyyyy veryy busy? 🙄
She: (dhamppp dhampppppppp banging her head 😛  hmm but still a real true soul how can she go against humanity :P) They can ya, but it means that you won’t prefer to be disturbed.

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Busy-No preference to be disturbed”)

He: And what is this “Do not disturb” then?
She: (:cry: 😥 still controlling her tears and) It means you are asking people not to disturb you. You are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy busy.
It’s all self understood yar just read the captions. It’s just as gtalk. I am also like you only not a veteran of all this. 👿

He: Ya but still I wana know evrything in deeeepppp. You know I don wana have any confusion later.
One more thing,,,,,,,
(Mind it only 1 😛 )
What is the difference between “Busy” and “Do not disturb” as it all mean the same 🙄
She: 😡 😡 😡 😡 (Finally the holy sould was forced to arouse the devil in her and) If you ask one more question,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “&&^^^^###@@@@@@@” you try and find out on your own 😡
He: 🙄 allright 😦

(seems he read everthing on her face what she could speak 😛 )

(Makes note of it in his notepad: “Do not disturb-Don’t ask more questions”)

Next day whole day she and her friends saw his status as “Do not disturb” though all others were totally free being new to the project. Getting very curious about where is he held up so much she approached him and asked-

In what you are so busy?

He: Who said  I am busy?

Then from yesterday your status is “Do not Disturb”?

He: Ohh that,,,hmm as you said I am testing it’s functionality and how it works 🙂 (Feeling of pride- a true tester)

She: 😥 😥 😥 dhamppppppppp dhamppppppppp

You would have understood everything 😛 . Hmm but really i think that this “Inquisitive Creatures” are fun to be with 😀 . Am I right? 😉 Dono how many of you have got the opportunity to meet these Inquisitives 😀 .

P.S- No hard feelings plz, just thought of having some fun with people of such inquisitiveness 😀

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