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This Valentine- with a best friend – 2

Part 1

I could see the anger in his eyes for arriving late as usual but,,,,,,,,,,,,, the spark in his eyes and the obvious beguile revealed the delectation of his heart,, noting my presence he mumbled in his tender voice-“%%^^&&**~~~~,,,,,,”

Me: What?
He: (Pretending to be  angry) Am I a  donkey to wait for you like this? 😡
Me: hihiihhiihhi this you shud have thought before shaking hands wit me 😀
He: You mean when wen you were 13 and i was 12 🙄 ?
Me: Why? Did I ever force you for anything? 😡
He: Nope, it was me to fall into the pit willingly and bare you still 😀 .
Me: Shuttttttttttt Upppppppppp.
He: Ok stupid we will fight later come first lets search a place as everything seems to be already filled with Tota n maina’s(Love Birds) of the day.

Roaming round the city hopping from one restaurant to another in search of just 2 free chairs we ended up to a small restaurant, our ultimate hope in that locale.
He: What you want?
Me: Just a pizza n hmm chocolate cake 😀
He: Bhukhadd 😡 (Hungry person) I am talking about some gift 😡
Today is V-Day,,,
Me: First get my Pizza then will talk about it 😉
He: 👿 You are hopeless 😡
Me: Nai re really I am serious. Just something freaky was ruining my mind and called up yesterday and finally messaged and confessed 😀
He: Still I haven’t heard it.
Me: Huh that’s your prob 😛  Now don’t start over it again.
He: You are so mean 😦 . Ok. Then why spending this day with me?
Me: Idiot with who else can I spend V-Day with? I Love You and You Love Me so thought of celebrating the Love  of our relationship 😀
He: Idiot, I am not your Boyfriend/Lover to spend the time on V-Day 😡
Me: So what? V-day is just meant for love. Let it be of our friendship 🙂 . All I knew that I wanted to thank ya for the bliss of all your Love, Care and friendship. And which other day could be as auspicious as V-Day for this?
He: Really you made my day. Today’s date  is registered in the memories of my golden history. It was me all these years confessing my Love to you. For the first time in these 9 years you confessed to me.
Me: Ab baar baar yaad mat dilaaoo mere ko uski 😥  (Now don’t remind me of that again and again )He: I will really miss you stupid when you would be gone from here.
Me: Idiot it’s not my marriage tomorrow that you are shedding tears 😡
He: hahhahhaha wish it was 😥  I would be free to sight other gals at least 😀
Me: Shuttttttttt Upppppp. Where the hell I am stopping you now?
He: Aahh with your tortures 24*7  where is the time to think of it?
Me: 😡 Jaaaa be (Get Lost) .
He: Hmm,,,,,,,, really would miss ya in your absence and thanks for everything. You are and will be my besttttttt friend for ever, none can replace you 🙂 . As usual you were at your best surprising me 🙂
Me: Same Pinch :D(His cell rings,,,,,,,,, it’s a mutual friend Shalu)
He: Le baatt kar it’s Shalu.(Talk to her, it’s Shalu)
Me: Hei, hiiiiiiiiiiii,,,
Shalu: Abee  tu is samay wo bhi aaj k din iske saath kya kar rahi hai? (Hei, what are you doing on V-day with him?)
Me: Humara Love celebrate kar rahi hu 😀 (Celebrating our Love)
He: haan haan aaj hi jaga hai wo iske andr (Ya Ya this love has aroused today only in her heart)
Shalu: hiihihhihiihihih abe tere or koi nai mila kya? Jo aaj k din bhi isko looott rahi hai? Aaj k din to ise free chod deti. (Didn’t you get any one else that today also you are looting him only? At least today you should have left him free.)
Me: He is single yet and me too so thought why to let go the opportunity till we both are committed to somebody 😀
Shalu: hahahahhha difficult to understand both of you. Who will say that you both are just best friends more over like siblings.
Chal Enjoy. I will talk to him later.(Cuts the call)

There was a spark in both of our eyes and the ravishing feeling of elation put a pause to the moment. Suddenly my cell ringed.

Oopppss it’s mummy what’s the time?
He: 9:30 😀
Idiot why didn’t you tell 😡 Today there will be Diwali in my home 😥
He: Stupid I too saw now only. Don’t worry I spoke to aunt some time before. She won’t say anything :)When did you? 🙄
He: Ohh leav all this come lets start now it’s late.
No,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when did you? 🙄
He: Ohh come fastt,,,,,,,,,

After i reached home all my sis were rolling over the bed with laughter, mummy pondering her words of comments & friends with their messages of criticism. All for one reason- “Dind’t these guys find anyone else to spend the V-day with 🙄 ”

All we knew that for the day were just perfect. The two stupids in love the two just best friends 🙂 . It became an unforgettable moment for us and a matter of laughter for rest 😦 .

—————————————> Drz no THE END<—————————————–

P.S: Ek baat batana bhul hi gai. He is a year younger than me and calls me Di sometimes to tease 😛 .
(Forgot to tell onething. He is a year younger than me and calls me Di sometimes to tease 😛 .)

The incidents and conversation depicted above are mix of truth+ imagination.

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