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Just 10 Rs

This specie by God, no wonder is a perfect blend of positive and negative traits that makes it so distinct from his other experiments , some successful some failed. Wondering what I am blabbering of? 😉 Yeah you are right there. I am talking of none other than the biggesttt achievement (as he says 😉 ) of God- “Human” . The utmost care was taken to its creation as it was one of the biggest projects ever. The specie was embodied with all good virtues and lil hidden anti-attributes. But, though it was a grand success in all, few (sorryyy not few actually one as I don’t think he would have repeated his mistake 😛 ) samples of it mutated to blunder 🙄 (Hmmm as u know 100% of perfection in anything is practically couldn’t be thought of or achieved 😉 ). While coding the brain of this sample, guess the hard working resources of his firm were lil drowsy  and skipped the most important code “Memory” 🙄 .

If you are still wondering about whom/what I am speaking, well it’s none other than me 😀 . Yeah dono why I love to exaggerate my own negative traits 🙄 . Ok getting back to the post now 😛 .

Apart from all the other defects- that lies out of scope of this post 😛 this defective sample has a very bad habit of always forgetting to carry money with her ( Thanks to those drowsy workers 😡 ) . Though there are many incidences that made a fool out of her here is the recent one that added to the list of disgrace.

Last Sunday she visited the Air Force canteen (monthly routine) and dumped my basket with all that illuminated my eyes. After all the corners were surfed and the basket filled to absolute she could stroll. It was now the time to bill the gathered assets. She opens her purse contemptuously with a broad smile (that all 32 teeth could be easily counted if you are good in arithmetics 😛 )of contentment as all she was searching for was in her basket. Searches two/three/four in fact all the divisions she had in her purse and then 🙄 dhamppppppp all it contained were arid cards, no trace of greenery found 🙄  (Thanks to her sisters who were the reasons for the cleanliness of it 😛 )

Note: No cards accepted there.

Explaining the situation to the sweet compassionate lady on the counter she rushes to the nearby ATM. But thanks to her fortune, all she could withdraw was two thousand bucks and it said “No Money Available” . The bill was of Rs 2010 and she had Rs 2000 now. There was no source of money nearby and next ATM at 7 Km (She would have preferred to get back home instead). Abandoned by situation she went back to the counter, explicated the situation, asked to deduct any item the lady hated 😛 . She looked at her and then to her abounding basket to and forth 3 / 4 times and exclaimed “ Leave it girl, give the balance when you come again”.

(Dono whether she was scared of taking out anything from my basket or was so pleased by my innocent looking face 😛 or it was the magic of that charming smile 😛 that she was forced to trust me for Rs 10 at that moment )

It’s not the first time, she forgets to carry money/check her purse every time she steps out 😀 least bothered to learn from the mistakes committed she narrates it with proud 😀 (Shameless !! isn’t she ? 😉 )

After she reached home, all  her sis were rolling out of laughter once again (happens usually nothing new 😛 ) and mummy exclaiming “Ladki tu kab sudhregi?” (Gal, when are you gonna change? )

Any of you suffered/suffer from same syndrome? 😉 No same pinch plz 😛 just help me search those drowsy workers, the main reason behind all this 😡 😛 .

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