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Love~ A Kid’s game

Gone are the days when people like us, considered falling in love as no child’s game. The generation now is far ahead of our thinking or imagination that sometimes we may feel ashamed of ourselves for being so feeble minded. And the situation worsens when we see the young toddlers, just learnt to walk on two feet, and could hardly reach our knees, being able to speak what they feel with such an ease that we, the grown ups could hardly sniff.

Especially when it comes to express ourselves to the one we admire or love, the ground slips from the mere thought of it, but these young adept infants no doubt are far ahead of us. I think the day is not so far, when we will be there on student’s bench and the teeny wiz crawling around taking the classes on how to express your love to someone and above all, convince the parents to accept it.


I was just sitting and playing with a neighbor’s kid when the baby’s elder brother Chinku who perhaps was hardly at his three, came running and asked his mom “Mummy why don’t I have a sis?”

Mummy surprised at such a question, replied “You have a brother Chinku and so no sis.”

Being so adamant told Chinku“But I want a sis mummy.”

Mummy was curious to know the reason behind all these and asked “What are you going to do with sis when you have Minku (younger bro) to play with?”

Immediately replied Chinku “Mummy if I have a sis, she would be friend of Pinky, and when Pinky visits our home, I would drop her home in my scooty, then I will give her a kiss and you see she will be my girlfriend then.”

Shocked at the reply asked mummy “Who told you all these?”

Happily replied Chinku “Mummy this is what neighbor Monu bhaiya did.”
Ok now tell me when will I get a sis? I have to invite Pinky.

Almost into laughter and dumbfounded at the reply, said mummy “Chinku you go and play now, tomorrow we will bring your sis.”

No doubt no big guy can speak of Pinky to their mom with such an ease 😛


Sonu who is in his LKG now when returned from school mummy asked “Did you eat your lunch fully?”

Sadly replied Sonu “No mummy I didn’t eat, I gave it to Tina.”

“Then you would have had her lunch. What did she bring?” Asked curious mummy.

“I didn’t eat anything mummy cz she ate her’s too. I gave mine thinking she would invite me, but she didn’t even ask and finished everything 😦 .”

Angry mummy scolded Sonu and said “I am going to complain about that moti (fatso) Tina to your Miss.”

Angrily replied Sonu-“Mummy- Don’t call her moti (fatso), she is my girlfriend.”

Hearing Sonu all mummy could do is just laugh and pack two boxes for him from next day 😛

Can a big guy scold her mom like Sonu for calling his girlfriend moti (fatso)? 😛


Little Monu who is in his Pre-KG came running to mummy and said “Mummy Babu(younger bro who is now 1 and half years) is growing bad.”

Curiously asked mummy what happened baby? Why are you saying like this about your lovable bro? Monu almost into tears told mummy “He kisses Soni every time she holds him.”

So what’s wrong in that? Doesn’t Babu kisses you?No mummy, I saw, when he kissed her, she kissed him back and said “I love you”, but hit me when I kissed her and said “I love you” 😦 .

She likes Babu more than me 😦 .

Mummy was into laughter and consoled the little kid saying “Don’t cry Monu, I will ask her to love you and not to hit.”

Now do you think falling in love is not a kid’s game anymore when kids play it far better than big one’s? 😛

Need to learn a lot from these tiny tots as they seem to be far ahead of us 😀

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Aberrant thoughts

March 24, 2010 1 comment

Silently blowing breeze

cold night,

defunct ambiance,

jangles inside,

abrupt doldrums,

Trickling tears

down the barren


Sensing occult

Hearing his voice

Turns around,

something passed by.

Heart throbbing,

hands freezing,

with trembling voice

Says she-“I know you’re there”

You can’t fool me!

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March 19, 2010 2 comments

My mind has been debating from so long on what actually Innovation stand for? Is it just doing something new or doing something in a different way that none has done yet? If that’s so why till date no so very useful innovative ideas strike my mind? As like every one neither was born I dumb nor do lack creativity. Then what’s this INNOVATION that I’ve never been to? This is what I understood that poured in as an answer to all my queries. It may sound to me so amateur, but this is the way I understood what INNOVATION is.

Innovation is formed from the combination of two words-

In+Ovation– The layman meaning of which that I understand is “a self applause or homage from self”.

I will speak on this definition of mine at the end. First let me explain how Innovation can be made possible.
To explain it better let me take a simple equation modifying it the INNOVATION way 😀 that actually originated from a post by someone that I read recently and so is this equation . . You would have seen this equation in physics.

(P.S-If couldn’t remember don’t worry even I didn’t before this Innova-car was innovated. Thanks to my sis whose books showed me the way 😛 )


Where in I assume I- Innovation
n- No of Ideas
e- Efficacy of ideas
A-Area of expertise
Vd-Verve with which ideas are implemented

If we look at the equation, each of these factors (n,e,A,Vd) is directly proportional to I, the innovation which means,

The more no of ideas (creative) we get the more innovative we could be.
The efficacy of the ideas determines the impact of Innovation.
Expertise in the field of the idea promotes innovation.
And lastly but not least the verve with which the idea is implemented determines the progress of innovation else idea dies mid way thinking it as trivial.

In general- An innovation is a result of the verve with which the no of ideas generated and its efficacy in the area of expertise are implemented.
And as n,e,A,Vd increases the value of I also increases and so is INNO VATION.

Now In+OVATION is the self ovation or homage from self when the above has been achieved successfully.

Now to answer the question- “How can we make one get interested in innovation”

As seen before, if we make one interested in any one of the factor n/e/A/Vd- innovation will automatically seem to be interesting.

There are people with different qualities. Some may be good at ideas but lack the efficacy or the expertise or the verve to implement it. Or in other way there are people who-

1- Gets lots of ideas.
2- Once given an idea, could do wonders on its efficacy.
3- Proficient in the area of expertise.
4- Implements with required verve.

(**Some may possess combination of two or more)
And when all these people work together it yields INNOVATION. It’s not like an individual alone cannot do innovation. Anybody with all the above qualities can make it happen all alone.


Idea- We can use water to write.
Efficacy of idea- Make the water viscous and colorful using some dye.
Area of expertise- This much amount of die should be added in this much amount of water.
Verve of implementation- Implements it in the pen thereby shaping up the trivial idea into an innovation.

And as its human nature that we get interested in only what we are best at- classify people according to their qualities and let them work for innovation.

“How might we make one think innovation is easy?”
50% of it is already answered by the previous question as once something interests us it doesn’t seem impossible. To make it feel rest 50% easy one’s respective skill could to be enhanced. As we find only those things easy that we are expert at.

“What is the one thing our associates will change, (if they were CEO) to promote innovation?”-
I will make innovation compulsory to promote it. As every one has at least one of the quality among n/e/A/Vd, so why can’t we innovate? If not as an individual, as a team definitely we can.

P.S: As any idea is better than no idea, this was my contribution on innovation 😀 .

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Voyage and F’ship

Destined to meet,
Two strangers boarded a SHIP
The voyage began,
Never knew,
Preordained to END,
An eloquent, a coy
The perfect blend of
Happiness and joy,
Frivolous fights,
Gabby days and night,
Fathom of feel
Understood the duo,
Even clammed-up speech
The shore wasn’t far
Before they could reach
Strike the ship a cruel wave
Eyeing from distance,
Shook up the base,
Wrecked miserably,
Futile on sail,
Decides to depart,
The Eloquent men
Giving hope to the coy
Meeting again
After moments or lifetime,
Is certain for those
Who are friends!!


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“Three Magical Words”

The three magical words, yeah you would have guessed by this time what I am upto 😛 . Yeah I know talking about it longgggg after the valentine season is like celebrating Holi in Diwali 😛 but it ain’t any sanyaasi season yet right? So we can speak of love anytime, anywhere in fact everywhere :mrgreen: .

Na na na this time these words doesn’t relate to any such special person rather to our langotia yaarss 😛 whom you have never called with the names their parents kept with so much of Love and who knows in and out of you, from your childhood silly acts to teenage crushes and pranks and have learnt to scan your empty/full skull with their eyes itself 😛 . Yeah these are the most dangerous of any other around you cz they are the ones to lead you to trouble if anything spurt out of their mouth in an inappropriate posse 😛 .

Jokingly/flirtingly/willingly or what so ever **ly 😛 we would have told these magical words to dono how many people (even you won’t be sure of the exact count 😛 ). But have you ever tried confessing it to those C****** 🙄 (Close Friends 😛 ) . I tried :mrgreen: and believe me it’s soooooooo much fun 😀 .

Once just when I reached the office while entering the lift, something clicked my mind and I added 4 no’s to the To list of the message typed “I Love You 😀 “ and hit on send.

1st one- Instant came the reply

Hie “I Love You 2 😀 “
Me: chal be hum apna pehla pyar celebrate karte hai 😀 . (Come ya lets celebrate our 1st love)
Haan haan aajaa sham me!!! (Ya ya come in evening)
Me: Haan chal BR me chal kar khaate hai 😀 (Lets meet and have something in BR then)
Bas 🙄 (That’s it )
Me: Abee to or kya? 🙄 (Then what else? )
Meri bhukhad premika 😥 (My starving lover )
Wase k**** bataa or kitno ko bhejaa tune same thing? 😉 (Tell me to who else you sent the same thing?)
Me: hiihhihihi are specially bas tere ko or kisi ko bhi nahi 😀 (hihihihii I sent it specially to you yar no one else)

Message from 2nd one

Was it intended for me or is it a wrong delivery? If so, then whoz that right recipient I’m not aware of 😡 ?
Me: Are re re it’s for you only yar not anyone else 😀
Ohhh what happened to madam today? Any fuse gone?
Me: Why? Can’t I love you? 😥
Ya ya stupid you can. But suddenly don give such shocks. Love you too 😀
(Come let’s celebrate our newly born love.
Me: Yeah Yeah sure if your GF permits 😛
Ohh forget everyone sweetheart you are always my 1st love and will be 😛
Btw tell me to who else you sent the same thing? 😉

Me: 😥 You don’t trust my Love. Doubting me 😥 . I sent it justttttttttt to YOU. Believe me 😀

(P.S: The celebration of our love you can read here :D)

Call From the 3rd one

(She was very upset for something, and being left alone in a new place, was badly missing all her friends. She just took the cell to call up some one and saw the message. Then calls me up)

Abee sach sach bataa kyaa hua tere ko aaj? (Abee tell me honestly what happened to you today?)
Me: Kyu ase kyu pooch rahi hai?(Why are you asking like this?)
Haan jisne aaj tak kabhi C******* k****** D***** U**** k alawaa or kuch or bol pukara hi nai mere ko wo aaj 🙄 chal bak kya hua tere ko? (Yeah, the person who hasn’t called me other than C******* k****** D***** U**** is today 🙄 tell me what happened to you? )
Me: Abee sachiii kuch bhi nai 😀 Just man kia bol diya 😀 cha lab mere ko waps bol N***** .
(hei really nothing. Just felt like telling ans so I did confess. Now confess me the same.)
Oyee I’m in office now sab kya sochenge? And mere ko fusfusanaa bhi to nai aataa 😛 sab tere karan.
(What will everyone think? I don even know to talk softly. All cz of you)
Me: Huh yahi ki tu office me bhi premlila kar rahi hai 😀 chal bol ab 😀 (Huh they will just think that you are romancing even in office. Now speak up)
Achaaa sun “I opposite of 341 to you” 😀 (Ok Listen)
Me: ahhahahhhahh same pinch same pinch 😀
Wase jaraa bata to tune ye totally kis kiis ko bola aaj? 😉(Ok tell me now to how many you have told the same thing today?)
Me: tere ko bhi wishwasss nai bas tere ko bola hai or kisi ko bhi nai 😥 (Even you don trust me. I have told this only to you. No one else)
Bhi? Hmm chal bak ab bhi me kon kon ? 😉(Even you? Hmm tell me now who and all there in this even?)
Me: Aishhhhhh 😛 bas tu hi hai meraa Love re or koi nai sachiiiii 😀 (Only you are my Love yar no one else believe me )
Hmm hum chaaro ko chod or kisi ko bbhi?? 😉(hmm leaving four of us anyone else?)
Me: Nai yar 😥 hmm haan bas tum chaaro ko or kisi ko bhi nai sachiii 😀 (NO ya. Just to four of you no one else. Believe me)

The 4th person was thinking to whether accept the proposal or not for the whole day and after the brainstorming session of 24 hours early morning the very next day at 5 AM-

Me: Hello!!
I Love You I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu 2222222222222222222222222222
Me: But I hate you.It took you 1 whole day to even respond?
Ya re I was thinking whether you are the right person to walk along for the rest of my life. Such an important decision, how shall I answer instantly?
Me: B**** me jaa tu . (You get lost.)
hiihihihihi sorry yar was lil held up. See early morning in half sleep at 5 AM the first thing I’m doing is confessing my Love to you 😀 . S***** you are really mad. And am in love with your madness again.
Btw tell me who are your other bakras/bakris?

Me: Even you 😥 😥

See this is what happens when you express your love to your langotiaa yaars.
1st- They won’t believe you
2nd-They will think you are under the affect of some drug.
3rd- They know every bit of you :mrgreen:

But in all it’s fun. Try and see 😉 Do let me know what happened :mrgreen: .

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A To Zee ~ Womanhood..!!

As someone remarked “madamoiselle can pick it up too” hihihihihihi how can the very A-Z of me( you can read them all below 😛 though most of it isn’t applicable for me :mrgreen: ) disappoint anyone :mrgreen: .
And how can I do something w/o disturbing anyone 😉 bolo bolo :mrgreen: It’s not fun right? 😉 So here are the adjectives that I collected from my friends(males 😛 ) (actually almost haunted them for this :P) that describes the best what they feel for a women. I asked them all to just give me one adjective excluding the one what I already received :mrgreen: .

See I tried :mrgreen:

A-Adamant – her nature
B-Beautiful- her heart
C-Cherubic- her looks
D-Determined- her desires
E-Exuberant- her acts
F-Furtive- her crush
G-Gracious-her soul
H-Humorous- a friend
I-Ineffable- a mother
J-Jaunty- her smile
K-Kind- to everyone
L-Lovable- she is
M-Mesmerizing- her eyes
N-Nutty- her insanity
O-Oblivious- of hypocrisies of the world
P-Possessive- of everthing
Q-Queer- her curiousness
R-Remarkable- her attitude
S-Subtle- her ways
T-Testy- never patient
U-Unique-her style
V-Vivacious- the ultimate she
W-Weepy- the most powerful weapon she possess
X-Xtreme- in everything
Y-Youngish- even in her 80’s :mrgreen:
Z-Zappy– can swing your mood in seconds 😉

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Success of a gal

It’s been a much awaited day. “I am standing outside his office with the final payment in hand”. There had been times, when the failure shattered me and I was left with no hope but criticism. Criticism as in where do I stand that I dare take this step. Then, her confidence, her belief and her ability to smile as always how so ever the situation may be would iterate the much needed spark in me and again I would get ready with a new start. She is the reason behind this success of me. Yup, she, and w/o her I don’t think I would have been here today, outside his office with the final payment in hand and eyes sparkling with happiness and some fear in the corner of shivering heart- “It’s my first milestone.I did it.” Though a long way is still awaiting the sonance of my footsteps, the moment was so cherishing that seemed paused and I was taken back to the day that marked the very foundation of it.

She was out in search of a new house as the final date of notice was approaching. She had been trying since long but, in the society where being a women she didn’t even sniff bringing us up all alone- “Four girl children”, they were scared, “Oh! Four girls! , we are sorry but as there is no caretaker (No male specie) we can’t lend it to you” .Never I understood, as my sis remarked- “Di, did we ask them to pay our grocery/school/any other fees? Then why the hell and for what ****** do they worry when we don’t?” I had no answer. Don’t have it even today. But as I always say “All that happens happens for good and with a reason”, even these remarks had.

I didn’t knew how I will do this, whether it’s possible still the decision was made and guided by one well wisher uncle I landed to his office, “The Builder-a real inspiration”. He looked at me with surprised eyes, and asked twice

“Girl- Are you sure? You are just a beginner or rather yet to begin.” I am not sure if it would be possible to get even the loan.

Uncle- I dono if it’s possible or whether it’s the right time. But it’s more than enough now. Let me make a try. I want one of “My Own now.” With the firm decision, I landed to the cabin of the bank manager along with her and builder. And convincing them, as what I earn that too temporary, could hardly win his confidence. Then the company policies, but guess even the manager was determined to help and managed to lend what so ever I deserved with my mere salary. That was one of the happiest day of my life “Half the amount was arranged.”

No sooner the house was ready and came the day when I was called to collect the key. I still remember and guess could never forget that moment when he refused to give the keys to anyone else rather waited for me till 10PM in his office. After I reached he then” just stood up and handed the key to me with a big smile, wished me luck and congratulated. It made me feel so big.” Entering my own house for the first time, I have never been so gratified before. The proud feeling of having done something for her and for my sis, was seen as the spark in my eyes and the endearing smile. I no longer need to answer my sis. I looked at her and she just kept staring at me. I understood everything. She was very happy.

And today, ”I am standing outside his office with the final payment in hand.” Yes, the final payment of the rest half remaining amount, it had been a much awaited day, took me almost 8 months. Thanks to him for his much needed patience.

Today I am waiting for his arrival.

He came, and even today, “he stood up and while taking the final amount blessed me-Girl may you get rid of the debt soon. Bless you with success at every step.”

Those words of him were more than enough to get rid of all hidden fear and I just thanked him smiling.

P.S: I was about to publish this post yesterday night but couldn’t make up. Guess the day was chosen 😀 .

And today being the Women’s Day I think it’s the perfect day to share my achievement 🙂 .

She in the post is none other than my Mom, my ultimate inspiration, my role model who had always been by my side. The women in my life w/o whom, it could have never been possible to rise up again after every fall. Love you mom.

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March 5, 2010 2 comments

Yeahh it’s me

You want me to take right,

and I turn left,

I get lost mid-way,

you just mock at

I’m struggling to reach,

Ooh you browbeat.

I just give a damn,

You silly!!

keep blabbering

bla bla bla

I ain’t listening.


I fall,

I enjoy the rise,

I cry,

need not you wipe,

I ‘m hurt,

learns to cure,

Ooh you see

I’ve fun in all chaos.

Do I need to walk your way?

When I love my own

In vain you chide, poor sly

I just give a damn,

You silly!!

keep blabbering

bla bla bla

I ain’t listening.


It’s my wish, it’s my life

I go the way insight guides

May be wrong,

May be right,

Who cares, you see

It’s fun to try.

This enigma, the felicity

Hubris get it the way, I Love it

Oh it’s a, Bliss.

Stop blabbering bla bla bla

You silly!!

I just give a damn,

I ain’t listening.

Dono wat is this 🙄

How it turned to be 🙄

Some poetic bug bit me i think 🙄 (Okieeee baddyyy-bad bug 😦 )

Ohh just forgot to mention,,, its my third trial 😀

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Yearning soul

Dressed in RED, I

Look through the window

A silly batty gal

playing the mischief.

There walks Mr. Juggler

The men in blue

A nonpareil replica

of magnanimous soul.

Hands clasped, lost in,

depth of their eyes,

They sail to Utopia

with dreams of, a

Blissful life.

Dressed in red, she,

Entwined in his arms,

freezes the moment, when

unaware of the evil,

spelled the unfortunate duo.

She, before could realize

Drove them apart, a

Satanic force.

Left alone bereaved

howling on her knees

bedewed eyes, curses she,

every night, the blowing wind.

Dressed in RED I, still

yearning for the whispers

of that soothing voice,

see us stroll, holding hands,

tied to the knot of Love,

along the sea side.

Yuppieeee my 2nd trial :mrgreen:
Yeah I kno it ain’t tat good and lil confusing 😀
Don’t ask me who/where/what or any sort of W’s 😛
Just something clicked my insane mind and  shaped up like this :mrgreen:

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