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Yearning soul

Dressed in RED, I

Look through the window

A silly batty gal

playing the mischief.

There walks Mr. Juggler

The men in blue

A nonpareil replica

of magnanimous soul.

Hands clasped, lost in,

depth of their eyes,

They sail to Utopia

with dreams of, a

Blissful life.

Dressed in red, she,

Entwined in his arms,

freezes the moment, when

unaware of the evil,

spelled the unfortunate duo.

She, before could realize

Drove them apart, a

Satanic force.

Left alone bereaved

howling on her knees

bedewed eyes, curses she,

every night, the blowing wind.

Dressed in RED I, still

yearning for the whispers

of that soothing voice,

see us stroll, holding hands,

tied to the knot of Love,

along the sea side.

Yuppieeee my 2nd trial :mrgreen:
Yeah I kno it ain’t tat good and lil confusing 😀
Don’t ask me who/where/what or any sort of W’s 😛
Just something clicked my insane mind and  shaped up like this :mrgreen:

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