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Success of a gal

It’s been a much awaited day. “I am standing outside his office with the final payment in hand”. There had been times, when the failure shattered me and I was left with no hope but criticism. Criticism as in where do I stand that I dare take this step. Then, her confidence, her belief and her ability to smile as always how so ever the situation may be would iterate the much needed spark in me and again I would get ready with a new start. She is the reason behind this success of me. Yup, she, and w/o her I don’t think I would have been here today, outside his office with the final payment in hand and eyes sparkling with happiness and some fear in the corner of shivering heart- “It’s my first milestone.I did it.” Though a long way is still awaiting the sonance of my footsteps, the moment was so cherishing that seemed paused and I was taken back to the day that marked the very foundation of it.

She was out in search of a new house as the final date of notice was approaching. She had been trying since long but, in the society where being a women she didn’t even sniff bringing us up all alone- “Four girl children”, they were scared, “Oh! Four girls! , we are sorry but as there is no caretaker (No male specie) we can’t lend it to you” .Never I understood, as my sis remarked- “Di, did we ask them to pay our grocery/school/any other fees? Then why the hell and for what ****** do they worry when we don’t?” I had no answer. Don’t have it even today. But as I always say “All that happens happens for good and with a reason”, even these remarks had.

I didn’t knew how I will do this, whether it’s possible still the decision was made and guided by one well wisher uncle I landed to his office, “The Builder-a real inspiration”. He looked at me with surprised eyes, and asked twice

“Girl- Are you sure? You are just a beginner or rather yet to begin.” I am not sure if it would be possible to get even the loan.

Uncle- I dono if it’s possible or whether it’s the right time. But it’s more than enough now. Let me make a try. I want one of “My Own now.” With the firm decision, I landed to the cabin of the bank manager along with her and builder. And convincing them, as what I earn that too temporary, could hardly win his confidence. Then the company policies, but guess even the manager was determined to help and managed to lend what so ever I deserved with my mere salary. That was one of the happiest day of my life “Half the amount was arranged.”

No sooner the house was ready and came the day when I was called to collect the key. I still remember and guess could never forget that moment when he refused to give the keys to anyone else rather waited for me till 10PM in his office. After I reached he then” just stood up and handed the key to me with a big smile, wished me luck and congratulated. It made me feel so big.” Entering my own house for the first time, I have never been so gratified before. The proud feeling of having done something for her and for my sis, was seen as the spark in my eyes and the endearing smile. I no longer need to answer my sis. I looked at her and she just kept staring at me. I understood everything. She was very happy.

And today, ”I am standing outside his office with the final payment in hand.” Yes, the final payment of the rest half remaining amount, it had been a much awaited day, took me almost 8 months. Thanks to him for his much needed patience.

Today I am waiting for his arrival.

He came, and even today, “he stood up and while taking the final amount blessed me-Girl may you get rid of the debt soon. Bless you with success at every step.”

Those words of him were more than enough to get rid of all hidden fear and I just thanked him smiling.

P.S: I was about to publish this post yesterday night but couldn’t make up. Guess the day was chosen 😀 .

And today being the Women’s Day I think it’s the perfect day to share my achievement 🙂 .

She in the post is none other than my Mom, my ultimate inspiration, my role model who had always been by my side. The women in my life w/o whom, it could have never been possible to rise up again after every fall. Love you mom.

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