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A To Zee ~ Womanhood..!!

As someone remarked “madamoiselle can pick it up too” hihihihihihi how can the very A-Z of me( you can read them all below 😛 though most of it isn’t applicable for me :mrgreen: ) disappoint anyone :mrgreen: .
And how can I do something w/o disturbing anyone 😉 bolo bolo :mrgreen: It’s not fun right? 😉 So here are the adjectives that I collected from my friends(males 😛 ) (actually almost haunted them for this :P) that describes the best what they feel for a women. I asked them all to just give me one adjective excluding the one what I already received :mrgreen: .

See I tried :mrgreen:

A-Adamant – her nature
B-Beautiful- her heart
C-Cherubic- her looks
D-Determined- her desires
E-Exuberant- her acts
F-Furtive- her crush
G-Gracious-her soul
H-Humorous- a friend
I-Ineffable- a mother
J-Jaunty- her smile
K-Kind- to everyone
L-Lovable- she is
M-Mesmerizing- her eyes
N-Nutty- her insanity
O-Oblivious- of hypocrisies of the world
P-Possessive- of everthing
Q-Queer- her curiousness
R-Remarkable- her attitude
S-Subtle- her ways
T-Testy- never patient
U-Unique-her style
V-Vivacious- the ultimate she
W-Weepy- the most powerful weapon she possess
X-Xtreme- in everything
Y-Youngish- even in her 80’s :mrgreen:
Z-Zappy– can swing your mood in seconds 😉

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