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My mind has been debating from so long on what actually Innovation stand for? Is it just doing something new or doing something in a different way that none has done yet? If that’s so why till date no so very useful innovative ideas strike my mind? As like every one neither was born I dumb nor do lack creativity. Then what’s this INNOVATION that I’ve never been to? This is what I understood that poured in as an answer to all my queries. It may sound to me so amateur, but this is the way I understood what INNOVATION is.

Innovation is formed from the combination of two words-

In+Ovation– The layman meaning of which that I understand is “a self applause or homage from self”.

I will speak on this definition of mine at the end. First let me explain how Innovation can be made possible.
To explain it better let me take a simple equation modifying it the INNOVATION way 😀 that actually originated from a post by someone that I read recently and so is this equation . . You would have seen this equation in physics.

(P.S-If couldn’t remember don’t worry even I didn’t before this Innova-car was innovated. Thanks to my sis whose books showed me the way 😛 )


Where in I assume I- Innovation
n- No of Ideas
e- Efficacy of ideas
A-Area of expertise
Vd-Verve with which ideas are implemented

If we look at the equation, each of these factors (n,e,A,Vd) is directly proportional to I, the innovation which means,

The more no of ideas (creative) we get the more innovative we could be.
The efficacy of the ideas determines the impact of Innovation.
Expertise in the field of the idea promotes innovation.
And lastly but not least the verve with which the idea is implemented determines the progress of innovation else idea dies mid way thinking it as trivial.

In general- An innovation is a result of the verve with which the no of ideas generated and its efficacy in the area of expertise are implemented.
And as n,e,A,Vd increases the value of I also increases and so is INNO VATION.

Now In+OVATION is the self ovation or homage from self when the above has been achieved successfully.

Now to answer the question- “How can we make one get interested in innovation”

As seen before, if we make one interested in any one of the factor n/e/A/Vd- innovation will automatically seem to be interesting.

There are people with different qualities. Some may be good at ideas but lack the efficacy or the expertise or the verve to implement it. Or in other way there are people who-

1- Gets lots of ideas.
2- Once given an idea, could do wonders on its efficacy.
3- Proficient in the area of expertise.
4- Implements with required verve.

(**Some may possess combination of two or more)
And when all these people work together it yields INNOVATION. It’s not like an individual alone cannot do innovation. Anybody with all the above qualities can make it happen all alone.


Idea- We can use water to write.
Efficacy of idea- Make the water viscous and colorful using some dye.
Area of expertise- This much amount of die should be added in this much amount of water.
Verve of implementation- Implements it in the pen thereby shaping up the trivial idea into an innovation.

And as its human nature that we get interested in only what we are best at- classify people according to their qualities and let them work for innovation.

“How might we make one think innovation is easy?”
50% of it is already answered by the previous question as once something interests us it doesn’t seem impossible. To make it feel rest 50% easy one’s respective skill could to be enhanced. As we find only those things easy that we are expert at.

“What is the one thing our associates will change, (if they were CEO) to promote innovation?”-
I will make innovation compulsory to promote it. As every one has at least one of the quality among n/e/A/Vd, so why can’t we innovate? If not as an individual, as a team definitely we can.

P.S: As any idea is better than no idea, this was my contribution on innovation 😀 .

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  1. Gaurav
    March 21, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Quiet Interesting 😀 and Very Inspirational

  2. March 21, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Thanks gaurav 🙂 And thanks for reading 😀

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