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Love~ A Kid’s game

Gone are the days when people like us, considered falling in love as no child’s game. The generation now is far ahead of our thinking or imagination that sometimes we may feel ashamed of ourselves for being so feeble minded. And the situation worsens when we see the young toddlers, just learnt to walk on two feet, and could hardly reach our knees, being able to speak what they feel with such an ease that we, the grown ups could hardly sniff.

Especially when it comes to express ourselves to the one we admire or love, the ground slips from the mere thought of it, but these young adept infants no doubt are far ahead of us. I think the day is not so far, when we will be there on student’s bench and the teeny wiz crawling around taking the classes on how to express your love to someone and above all, convince the parents to accept it.


I was just sitting and playing with a neighbor’s kid when the baby’s elder brother Chinku who perhaps was hardly at his three, came running and asked his mom “Mummy why don’t I have a sis?”

Mummy surprised at such a question, replied “You have a brother Chinku and so no sis.”

Being so adamant told Chinku“But I want a sis mummy.”

Mummy was curious to know the reason behind all these and asked “What are you going to do with sis when you have Minku (younger bro) to play with?”

Immediately replied Chinku “Mummy if I have a sis, she would be friend of Pinky, and when Pinky visits our home, I would drop her home in my scooty, then I will give her a kiss and you see she will be my girlfriend then.”

Shocked at the reply asked mummy “Who told you all these?”

Happily replied Chinku “Mummy this is what neighbor Monu bhaiya did.”
Ok now tell me when will I get a sis? I have to invite Pinky.

Almost into laughter and dumbfounded at the reply, said mummy “Chinku you go and play now, tomorrow we will bring your sis.”

No doubt no big guy can speak of Pinky to their mom with such an ease 😛


Sonu who is in his LKG now when returned from school mummy asked “Did you eat your lunch fully?”

Sadly replied Sonu “No mummy I didn’t eat, I gave it to Tina.”

“Then you would have had her lunch. What did she bring?” Asked curious mummy.

“I didn’t eat anything mummy cz she ate her’s too. I gave mine thinking she would invite me, but she didn’t even ask and finished everything 😦 .”

Angry mummy scolded Sonu and said “I am going to complain about that moti (fatso) Tina to your Miss.”

Angrily replied Sonu-“Mummy- Don’t call her moti (fatso), she is my girlfriend.”

Hearing Sonu all mummy could do is just laugh and pack two boxes for him from next day 😛

Can a big guy scold her mom like Sonu for calling his girlfriend moti (fatso)? 😛


Little Monu who is in his Pre-KG came running to mummy and said “Mummy Babu(younger bro who is now 1 and half years) is growing bad.”

Curiously asked mummy what happened baby? Why are you saying like this about your lovable bro? Monu almost into tears told mummy “He kisses Soni every time she holds him.”

So what’s wrong in that? Doesn’t Babu kisses you?No mummy, I saw, when he kissed her, she kissed him back and said “I love you”, but hit me when I kissed her and said “I love you” 😦 .

She likes Babu more than me 😦 .

Mummy was into laughter and consoled the little kid saying “Don’t cry Monu, I will ask her to love you and not to hit.”

Now do you think falling in love is not a kid’s game anymore when kids play it far better than big one’s? 😛

Need to learn a lot from these tiny tots as they seem to be far ahead of us 😀

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