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One fine evening my youngest sis and I planned to visit the Dominos that recently opened in our area and announced some discount offer. Sis was so excited to grab the first piece of the yummy choc and the delicious cheesssyy pizza, and so was I. After she and I both were ready in our best, I took out my bike and geared towards the center. It’s almost at around half an hour distance. Whole way I kept talking to her all that crossed my mind. From office to colleagues, friends, sense-nonsense, present-past, shops around, old-young, singles-couples, what so ever I got. To my wonder, I noticed a very strange thing. All the way while I kept blabbering, the crowd around kept giving strange glances, as if………………..I was resembling someone in the “Wanted” list. I could read a question in their eyes but didn’t bother to give much thought. Finally we were at our destination, I asked her to get down and was waiting till she does.

After two or three minutes when there was no response, angrily I turned around and,,,,,,, boom! There was none.

All my senses were almost fused seeing none at the back and thinking where the hell she could have disappeared and when? Was sweating profusely and was almost drenched. The fear of whether she fell mid-way, somewhere while I was busy with my own talks was almost freezing me. It’s a busy road loaded with heavy traffic. All weird thoughts were running in my mind when I darted around with fear. I took reverse, searching her here and there, on the same roads, along the same shops and people, with the thought that if she would have slipped, I would find her somewhere there only.

But still the mind was wondering on how she disappeared and when. As I hardly felt any jerk or heard any cry. I was almost nearing my home now with heart beating twice the rate, mind blank with an atrocious fear- I hate the most. Suddenly something clicked my mind. I never got any response from her for any of my bakwas I did all the way. Not even humming. I now reached home and entered with a puzzled confused look, still wondering on what happened to her, and found them all (mom+all sis) rolling out of laughter. I didn’t understand anything till I saw my youngest sis almost down the chair in a corner, holding her stomach and laughing as if she had never laughed before.

Hmm wondering on what happened?

Actually, I never took her with me 😦 . Not realizing that she never sat behind, I started off my bike when she was still coming down the steps and geared with full speed I could (Dono what made me feel that shez dr at the back 🙄 ). They all kept yelling my name, but, you know, I was so indulged in my own talks.

Now I understood the reason behind those strange glances on the road and the question in their eyes. They also might be wondering on from where I actually escaped and came,,,hmmm.

Dono where ever I go, why and how I always become a matter of laughter. Though I intentionally don’t give any chances, guess it’s all predestined to fall on me 🙄 .

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