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Now days when sometimes we forget even our daily routine and may skip our breakfast or lunch to compensate those unproductive hours/minutes for some productive work, there is one thing that remains unaffected among all these toiling jobs.

May be cz where other herculean tasks demand extra dedicated hours/minutes, this one thing paves its ways even through the minute breaks between the other tasks and thus never remain undone.

Wondering on what I’m blabbering about?  Hmm you will know as you proceed.

Morning sharp 10 AM, I squeezed myself in the lift between 12/15 people. One busy staring at the numbers on the side bar as if counting 1 to 9 (It’s always better to brush up, when you feel you are forgetting the basics,, hmm ), another one just staring at the door as if analyzing it for something 🙄 ,   another girl making herself  comfortable adjusting her  bag, shall, hair or whatever she felt imperfect, and me, standing numb with a blank look, and looking at everybody 😛  . But amongst all these there was one more soul, utilizing the time productively when all of us were busy killing it. Wearing a big blushing smile on the face, unaware, undisturbed of the surrounding just looking down his shoes & listening to someone over the phone (The person on the other side, doesn’t require any intro 😉 ). Shame on we folks who let go this precious time in vain 😐 .

Around 11:30 AM when I just walked out of my bay along with a colleague, there stood my eye-talker friend (yeah eye talker cz there had never been any exchange of conversation between us, except the talking between eyes and a gentle smile) busy on her cell texting to someone and blushing all alone. I noticed her doing the same for around 15 min and then out of curiosity asked her something with just the movement of my lips making it sure that there is no sound. The reply came as –

Chiii Thooo…..Just a friend re.

Luckily I was at a safer distance 🙄

When most of us kill the time sipping the tasteless coffee/tea, souls like her utilize it productively that we still need to learn I think :|(only if you dono)

Enough of breaks and lifts. Even while we are at work especially while in some meeting, there are ample opportunities of doing this productive work by making use of that extra time when everyone is just staring at each other (Dono for what) Like you, even I wasn’t aware of it till I saw him, the only married man in my team (excluding the TL 😛 ).  When we all were killing this time doing nothing (as usual), the gentleman’s wife is soo smart to know it well in advance, and Tringggggg… there rings his cell……. Before we could even wink our eyes there was a quick conversations exchanged and he was back before it’s too late, with a big blushing smile and face almost pink.

There is one more friend named “Fruit”(Yeah this is how she explained me her name when I couldn’t pronounce it even after her struggle of half an hour 😐 )Btw she isn’t from my team rather I know her cz of her access card that she had lent me many a times when I didn’t had mine. Strangely we haven’t exchanged much of talks except me scaring her daily twice/thrice w/o fail with my “Hi” 😛 (she actually gets scared, cz I interrupt her only when she is deeply involved in work  😛 and dono what makes me enjoy that 😀 ).  Shez the one whom I ve not seen wasting even a second 🙄 . Even the time that we waste walking simply, doing nothing, she utilizes every minute second of it accomplishing the other work 😛 , and when asked she would reply with just wink of her eye confirming about the person with her, over the call 😛 .

There are many examples around us who teach us here and there how to make best use of time but still why do we stick on to wasting it is the question 🙄 . The reason could be many-

  1. We like to waste it then utilizing that way.
  2. We don’t have the resources like others, to utilize time as they do.

And you know it better which one is true 😀 .

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