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Donkey or human?

A human and a donkey, the distinguishing factor between both gets difficult to define while talking of “Load”.

When a donkey becomes capable of bearing the minimal load defined by his master, it’s pushed to carry them on its back. Unwilling to bear the heavy load it brays in protest for a few days but the gentle treatment from the master or the baton makes him understand that this is what its life is and got no choice. No sooner time and experience makes the load an inseparable part of its life that it doesn’t feel the weight of that extra load it gets subjected on some days. After the long experience it gets termed as “A proficient load bearer”. Born as a donkey it dies as a donkey bearing the load on its back for the whole of its life.

Same is with humans. The load bearing starts with the load of education in school, colleges and universities and then progresses to the load of works in offices/professional lives. There they stand on the same line as the load bearer donkeys. The difference being a donkey is never paid for its services where as human gets the wages/salary in return. And they too bear the load till their last breath, starting from the load of education to the load of work, family and what not. It becomes an inseparable part of a human too and has got no choice to escape. Perfect donkey life 😀 .

Where does lie the difference then? Or there isn’t any difference?

Yup there isn’t much difference. A human is not more than a donkey till he realizes that the load hez carrying isn’t the load of his master rather his own and though he doesn’t have the choice of escaping through this load, he definitely has got choice on what and how he want to bear the load and where he wanna lead with the same.

A donkey bears the load knowing not what the load is and what it would bring. Knowing nothing it bears the load just and so is a slave-to-humans & to its own body. The humans bear the load for maximum part of the journey of their lives. They too lead a donkey life till they get to know why they are doing so.

If a student bears the load of education not cz they have to rather cz they want to, every student will be a genius and not just the topper.
If we bear the load of work not cz we have to as it’s been assigned to us rather cz we want to do it, it’s our own. The extending hours won’t be painful, rather the thirst would make us do it. We will then enjoy the load rather complaining. The process and then the accomplishment of the task would definitely give us a feeling of satisfaction, happiness and pride and not just the feeling of “relief”.

It rests on us solely whether we want to lead the life of “a perfect load bearer” ( if you know what i mean 😛 ) or live as a human . 😉

PS: Pardon me for this philosophy that too late night 🙄 . Dono what hit my insane brain and so is the post 😀 .

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  1. Umair
    April 22, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Wots dis :O :O

    • April 22, 2010 at 7:00 pm

      Donkeyyy 😡 padhaa nia ki ye kyaa hia?? 😡

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