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Be the Change you want to See

Do you see every single child educated in India?

Do you see every single child free from the shackles of child labour?

Do you see future of our nation not begging on the streets?

Do you see the basic amenities met for every kid?

Do you see the future of our nation not sleeping empty stomach?

Do you see our nation healthy, competitive and stronger?

If you do……

Be the Change you want to See

Come join us at EVEREST!!!

You can be a student, a working professional or a home maker.

All we need is your passion to work for a better nation.

There are no monthly/yearly subscriptions.

Your passion to help others is sufficient to be a part of us.

We give our lil bit to nation by helping the needy who do not get any help from others.

Everest is a volunteer driven team with all it’s activities been done for the people, by the people, & of the people.

Come join us in our efforts and together we will make our tomorrow better.

Together we will “Serve India in 2011”.

Together we will make the “Change” we want to “See”.

If Every individual gives there wee bit to the nation there sure will be a Change.

All we need is your services in what ever way you could give.

And this campaign “Be the Change” is to make people know about us, about our goals.

To join us in Everest click on –


You can help us  make people aware of the campaign by-

1. Posting the link to join Everest in your blog post

2. Blogging on the same.

Do I need to mention that you can  help us by even sharing it with your friends/family members/colleagues?

What are you guy’s waiting for?

It’s our Nation. Come let’s bring the Change together.

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