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{55-Fiction}-Chalo bhaag chale!!- Let’s flee away!!

Chalo bhaag chale!!

Jaldi karo, koi dekh lega

Pakde gaye to jaan se jayenge

Are tu darti kyu hai? “Mai hu na”!!

Dekho wo is taraf hi aa raha hai

Shayad use pata chal gaya

Rasgulle chodo or bhaago jaldi

Aadmi isse pehle ki unhe pakad paata

Dono Makhia ek duje ka haath pakde

Khushi khushi ud gaye 😀

Let’s flee away!!

Make it fast, somebody will see us

If we are caught, we may loose our lives

“Why are you scared when I am there”!!

See, he is coming this way only

Perhaps he has come to know

Leave the sweets and run fast

Before the man could catch them

the two flies flew away happily 😀

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{55-Fiction}- Last spell

Oh lady, thanks for the murderous spell

Had I seen this world with your eyes,

It wouldn’t have been less than hell!

For you want a baby boy

Arrival of me, gives you no joy

I’m lucky not to be born as your child

The baby in the womb laughed aloud

and then, silently cried!!

Yup! Like all my other posts, this too is an inspired one. It was born out of a conversation overheard between two colleagues. There was some serious discussion happening between the two and I was seated just beside them. I was stunned with what I heard and couldn’t believe my ears on how the so called honorable literates give excuses for their atrocious iniquitous acts. And above all they neither have any regrets nor do feel shameful following the vile practices.

One lady among the two was enquiring about a doc who can diagnose her and tell whether “It’s a boy or a gal”. She wanted to abort the baby if it’s an “unwanted gal” stating the reason- “As our monthly income amounts to ONLY 1 lakh, we aren’t capable of bringing up another gal child.” (She has a gal child already). To my dismay that one lakh seemed sufficient for her to bring up the baby boy. I really don’t understand what difference it makes or whether a gal child demands more food/money as compared to the boy child, God only can answer this. How can a mother be so amoral and a gory figure?

I never knew, until I saw her that people still exist amongst us with such cheap mentality when we have left behind all those orthodox thinking decades back. Heaven’s sake, dono when people gonna change.

That moment I really felt blessed to have born to a mother who has never complained bringing 4 of us (all gal children) with the mere pension she received, and had never made us feel “Why aren’t we THE BOYS.

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{55-Fiction}-That’s not me!!

Here is another trial on 55-fiction.. Ok don gimme that stare 😛 I know I seem to be bugged with this 55-fiction 😛 hmm still I hope you will enjoy reading them 😀 .


His face was so pale. He was sweating profusely,

extremely disturbed and lost. Wrinkles of disturbed

nerves were clearly seen on his forehead. 

 I asked, what happened? He replied- “My ex GF is pregnant!!”.


I stood stunned with my eyes wide open.

Then he said“Hei I didn’t do anything! She got married last year!!”

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{55-Fiction}- Caught red handed

There was a fiction written by my friend Pri that she wanted to change into 55-words fiction. Here is my try on the same 😀 .

PS: It was originally written by Pri, i have just tried converting her fiction into 55-words.

Seated beside my love unable to concentrate, saw a familiar dark shadow of the gal, hidden by a guy. Her red kerchief fell, she hurried picking it off. I rushed home in auto, opened my sis purse for change, the same red kerchief, “Red handed I was caught” or “We were caught”. We just smiled.

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{55- Fiction}- Dark Night

Peeping through the window, hiding herself in the dark room from the sight of the demons roaming in light, she tells “It’s not safe to date now, let’s wait till it gets dark even outside”. Holding her hand, looking into her beautiful eyes he says “I will wait” then the twosome cockroaches embrace each other 😀 .

How was that?? 😀 Do lemme know your comments :mrgreen:

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Complimenting a stranger

Complimenting a stranger…. sounds so weird right? First time when someone,,, not someone actually a dear friend when asked me “Why can’t we compliment a stranger? What’s wrong in doing so?” it sounded weird for me too. Reading my previous post and then after having a small discussion on the same sort of topics he asked “What’s wrong is complimenting a stranger?”

Imagine you are walking in a mall with your friends and you come across a very beautiful girl (it’s different that all gals are beautiful) that your eyes wide open in “awww“ but do you approach her and say “You’re beautiful” ? Is it advisable first of all? One of my friend said “What’s the need?” where as another says “Why not? What’s wrong in telling someone that shez beautiful or hez handsome?” 🙄 .The difference in opinion is cz of the difference of 7 years approx between them I guess 🙄

Therez nothing wrong running in your mind and being a good boy your intention is as plain as the blank piece of paper (don mind the comparison), just you found her beautiful as she is, is it good if you confess it to her? Especially when she is just a mere stranger, is it good/advisable?

If you are a guy and do so, it’s so obvious that you will be welcomed with a stare that may be followed by a series of good {“bad”} words and end with her wrist and your teeth in pain 😛 . Though you weren’t stalking her or did any anti social act. All you did is just compliment.

If you are a gal, I can’t even imagine what the reaction could be like 😯 . And it makes no sense discussing it 🙄

Though compliment is just what you feel about some one and express to them,,, it definitely has some rules, that my dear friend doesn’t agree to and I’m still thinking how to make him understand those rules 🙄

Leave about guys, even if a gal whoz a complete stranger to you, approaches and compliments you for something let it be anything, I’m sure the opinion you make about her is not gonna be so good (Though it hardly matters being a stranger).

But why is that so? Same compliments when remarked by a kid or some one elder or old whoz a stranger draws a smile where as becomes a matter of fuss when remarked by someone young? Has social taboos stagnated our thinking nerves so much that we don’t want to think it the other way? Is it cz we are so accustomed to the customs of the society that it sounds absurd to us? Why we are not prepared to accept it just as a compliment and become offensive to such remarks? What’s wrong in it?

There were many such questions bombarded quoting examples and I’m still thinking or rather not able to conclude whoz right whoz wrong 🙄


PS: @ Suteerth

This post is dedicated to you buddy,,, in celebration of our one year of friendship, our one year of continuous debates that we have had all these days 🙂 And i know we will surely have many more :mrgreen:

Wait for my next post for the conclusion 😛 as how can you conclude by yourself? 😉 Hmmm may be at least then we will be on same terms 🙂

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Let me leave ;)- cocktail

Ok here is another poetic cocktail from SrEe and Me, and this time with lil bit of fun between a manager and his employee whoz actually a couple. We have tried to bring out their professional+non-professional 😛 conversation. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂 . And do lemme know what you understood from the poem? What the talk is all about ? And where it is professional and where non-professional and where both 😛 I know it ‘s not that difficult to find. Do lemme know.  And yeah as we dono which one is written completely by whom, I’m not telling what he wrote and what did I 😉 . May be you can tell if you can distinguish 😀 .

But ya honestly telling most of it was given the final touch by him, i just tried to cope up with him 😀

Here it goes-

Uss cabin main baitke, how will he know my pain?

Abhi toh jaake aayi maike, hmm…how to ask again?

Kuch toh sochna padega, have to make him approve my leave…

Afterall, I’ve had a successful delivery and been so productive…

“Excuse me Kunal, can you spare two mins of your time?”

Yeah Sonia, temme how did you drop in?”

Kuch nahi…I had to ask you something very important”

“Go ahead if it’s not what we already discussed last night”

Ye sudhrega nahi…”Well…I need a week’s leave to attend a family function…

You know its importance, so kindly give me permission”

Ye samjhti kyu nahi…”Being a responsible resource, how could you not understand…

You have just had a trip recently, and fir janaa hai tumhe?

Samjhta kya hai…”Kunal, please try to understand. It’s just the matter of a week…

But if you still don’t agree to approve, I’ll have to call-in sick”

Sick?? Very daring!!! “Par tu chali jayegi toh, who will look after our deliverables?

Err..beating aound bush…”Uski chinta nahi, I know it will be taken care off”

She knows??!! “But think, how will I manage? I don’t even have a back up of your’s!!

Huh, he wants a back up!! “Errr…for a week’s leave, do I need to make such a sacrifice? :x

Ye to maanegi nahi huh…”Theek hai…I will approve. Do I have no other choice?”

Err…emotional attack…”Ok boss…see you when am back, its now the time to rejoice!!

Kaisi aurat hai…too much…”Ok then, bye Sonia…see you at sharp nine”

Kaisa aadmi hey…chanceless…”Bye Kunal….and thanks, for your time”

Mere cabin ke baahar baitke, how will she know my pain?

Abhi to jaake aayi maike, hmm…how can I let her go again?

Sochna kuch nahi, ab even I will also apply for leave…

Afterall, I’ve to take the responsibility and be adjustive…

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Excoose me pleeze…

The specie of MALE… how intelligent ( 🙄 ) they are. Equally those could be spotted who are either soooo soooo silly or rather soooo sooo stupid. No no I’ m neither accusing them of anything nor am I talking of any of Megz’s MCPs. Rather just thinking, what do these so called guys gain from such acts as it doesn’t even sound to be fun else at least one gal would have tried it 😛  (Don include Rakhi and species like her in the count 😛 )

It was today night at around 8:45 PM I was sitting inside a small hotel nearby my house and waiting for my sis to come. There was another gal standing outside the hotel and constantly looking at her watch, as though waiting for someone’s arrival. One guy from the bunch of around 6 guys sitting next to my table got up and went to her to speak something. After that the conversation that followed between the two gave my jaws a very good exercise.

This is a snippet of what I overheard- (Don’t tell it’s a bad habit)

“Excoose me! Are hyou a Nort-Indian ji?”

No, I’m not. Any prob?

“No aaccctually hyou seem too bee”


“I come Phhrrom Nort-India

And I know Hindi bherryy well ji”


I don’t understand even a word in Hindi

“Hmm den haare hyou a south Indian ji?”

Why you wana know?

“No……. Jusstt……. simply asking…………

I shpeak Engleesh too bherryy well ji!! ”

Hmmm, I can see that

“I waass juzzttt thinking……

Eeff whee chould be Phriend jii”


“ 😀   😀 “ —(Display of 32 teeths)


Phew….now when it was the time for the action to begin, my sis came and I had to take my eyes off them. Still I don’t understand what such folks gain by all such silly acts, as if patience wouldn’t have been a gal’s trait, he would have lost all his 32 teeth long back.

This is just one of many examples that some guys think to be so funny or a good time pass or a way to flirt,,,,or,,,,, I dono what they think it to be. But the trauma or fear these so called fun-filled un-socialized acts create, force them either to prefer the other side of the door or depend on a male folk even if it is just about having a leisure walk late evening.

Imagine gals doing the same {Yakkkkk}, damn sure 99% guys would run away as they do seeing species as Rakhi and others 😉  & if every street gets one such specie,, 🙄 ,,,,, wondering if even at day time these guys would have the courage to walk freely 🙄 .

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In search of THE END

I was informed of a contest by SrEe where in we are provided with the start of a story and we got to end it our way. And so is the title of this post 😉 .The contest ended yesterday 😛 but here i am with my entries to the contest. Oh don’t be so disheartened thinking i missed it, cz i have already sent it 😛 .

Here goes the start-

It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……

1. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then…… “Surpriseddddddddd? Now tide White only in 11Rs”.


2. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……a thundering sound of slap left my 3 year old ears deaf and a familiar voice echoed-“Idiot today also you peed on the bed”.


3. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……I kept staring at her not even winking while she wiped off the rain drops on my face and was trying to dry my wet hair with the end of her plain Saree. Then her heavenly voice murmured “Still your acts are of an insouciant kid. When are you gonna grow up? See how badly drenched you are. If I wouldn’t have been on time, definitely you would have got cold.”The moment I was about to reply her,,,,,,, the conductor whistled. I turned back and saw the bus was standing, then I turned to her and found,,,,,,,, I was standing there alone.

How was it?? 😀

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{photos}GrEeeen Mania

You would have hopefully seen my first green post. If not,,, you just can’t miss the fun 😐 check that out first.

Getting back to the main topic, here is a pic clicked last weekend while I came out of my house and this leaf was caught by the lense of my cell…..

This pic was taken from the window of my house last sunday when early in the morning a strange bird came and sat over the branches and woke me up by its chi-chi-chu-chu at5 AM. I took my cell to capture the beautiful bird but as you can see, by the time I clicked, the bird flew off and all that was left is this green 🙄

It’s fun to click randomly just what ever you feel like… try out sometime 😀

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