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The two different “ Doori, the Distance”

For all that we know…’speed x time’ gives the “distance”…and for all that we should know ‘thoughts x perception’ tends to build the same. As a pre-requisite hint to the 16 lines of confusion below, this is all we can say 🙂

Here is a poem from me and SrEe(a friend) on theme “Chalk and Cheese” .

The rule of this theme is pretty simple-
1. It should be a poem of minimum 16 lines, where each blogger should provide at least 8 lines
2. Post should be separated in such a manner so that the reader is able to differentiate each blogger’s lines
3. First blogger tagged (if interested) should write one half of a poem and pull in a buddy (can be one who is already tagged or a newbie) to finish the rest of it.
4. Both parts should be different in the style of writing but should convey the inherent meaning when read together.

Saagar or badal ki durii hai darmmiyaan, fir bhi
Mile hia man aise jaise milta hai Kshitij
Bhigota hai moti tere naino ka, mere tan ko aise
jaise rang gai ho ruh meri, tere hi pile rang me
Khil uthta har ang mera teri muskuaan se
Muh fere jo tu, nazre chura leti hu khud se
Hai wajood mera tere hi ehsaas se
Bandhu kase is faasle ko alfaaz me?

Yellow flowers on my head, I sit under the tree,
I try my best to avoid him, yet he looks right at me,
A smile on the face, repetitive glances he throws,
I look away at nothing and the anger within grows,
Standing up I see afar, the fast approaching bus,
As he crosses the road, I wrap myself all conscious,
With dark shades on, he seeks help anonymous,
I ask myself as to how, I could be less inglorius?

The two different “ Doori, the Distance”

We are talking the same theme “Doori, The Distance” but in two different ways. One is that which is “by nature” and another, which is “of thought”. Which one is what is pretty obvious here, so all you have to guess is in what context “ Doori, the Distance” is by nature and how in thought and which one is written by whom 😀

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{E-Fundaas of E-world}

Recently when I celebrated my B’day, apart from real, virtual, formal, informal, wishes there was also some other wish that came my way in abundance, and that was the E-wishes 😀 . My mailbox was flooding with the E-cards, E-gifts, E-flowers 🙄 (You don‘t even need to water them 🙄 ), E-teddys ( I dint know how to play with it 🙄 ), E-cakes (No my mouth dint water seeing that 🙄 ) and many more E’s . Today we need not be disheartened thinking we can’t be the part of the B’day celebration of a dear friend as therez a E-party too 😀 and it has nil affect on your pocket, trust me 😛 and is full of fun too, if you know what E-fun is 😛 . Yeah after the real celebration was over, I threw an E-party too and did try shaking my legs (oopps I mean E-leg 😛 ) on some pop numbers along with my friends 😀 (No they aren’t my E-friends, rather friends 😛 ). Doesn’t it sound fun? If not, hmm you need some more E-gyaan to have a better understanding of what I’m blabbering of, and in this post I’m gonna tell you how this E-world is more advantageous and safer than the real one and for whom.

Okiee enough of E-bakwass and now here I go with the E-mantras of having E-fun in your real life 😀 .

1. If you have got that pleasant body odour that indicates from a kilometer itself that you haven’t taken bath since 2 days, you definitely can’t risk your life by giving them the normal hug rather you should go for an E-hug. E-hug is safe & also no big tummy causes any hindrance to the fun 😛

2. When you wish to pinch some one double than you, reason could be any,, let it be same pinch, new pinch, old pinch or just pinch & the person decides to pay you back, in real chances are there for you becoming the victim in turn and trust me it pains a lot 😦 . In that case it’s always better to go for E-pinch, as at the most the person can do is just shout “Ouchh-Ouchhhh” and reply you with an E-pinch 😀 .
Wondering on why “Ouchh- Ouchh” ?? Well where there are E-pinches, there definitely is E-pain too 😛 .

3. You smell so good that even the rat will commit suicide if you sneeze, definitely your loved ones don’t deserve that merciless death and so you can’t give a real Kiss. E-kiss is what saves you and your loved one’s there and you don’t even need to worry of any viral disease 😛 .
You don’t even need to worry about how your E-lips look for an E-kiss 🙄

4. If you are scared to fall in love cz stalwarts say it pains, E-love is what you should go for as there is no ifffs no ufffffs in it 😛 . No conditions, no restrictions, no limitations, no bars, no compulsory meets required, and above all there are no E-marriages or E-divorces 🙄
It’s just pure unconditional E-love and have no complains either 😀 .

5. Enough of E-emotions. Now something non-serious 😛
Hmm who doesn’t loves to win, and who doesn’t loves to be rewarded. If not Nobel prizes and Bharat Rattan Awards 😛 there are E-awards for us that we can at least afford to win 😀 . Am I right? 😛

If you dono what I’m talking of hmm you need to look at this.

PS: If you feel like telling me any E- words or throwing some E-Eggs at me 🙄 , you are most welcome :mrgreen:

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