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{E-Fundaas of E-world}

Recently when I celebrated my B’day, apart from real, virtual, formal, informal, wishes there was also some other wish that came my way in abundance, and that was the E-wishes 😀 . My mailbox was flooding with the E-cards, E-gifts, E-flowers 🙄 (You don‘t even need to water them 🙄 ), E-teddys ( I dint know how to play with it 🙄 ), E-cakes (No my mouth dint water seeing that 🙄 ) and many more E’s . Today we need not be disheartened thinking we can’t be the part of the B’day celebration of a dear friend as therez a E-party too 😀 and it has nil affect on your pocket, trust me 😛 and is full of fun too, if you know what E-fun is 😛 . Yeah after the real celebration was over, I threw an E-party too and did try shaking my legs (oopps I mean E-leg 😛 ) on some pop numbers along with my friends 😀 (No they aren’t my E-friends, rather friends 😛 ). Doesn’t it sound fun? If not, hmm you need some more E-gyaan to have a better understanding of what I’m blabbering of, and in this post I’m gonna tell you how this E-world is more advantageous and safer than the real one and for whom.

Okiee enough of E-bakwass and now here I go with the E-mantras of having E-fun in your real life 😀 .

1. If you have got that pleasant body odour that indicates from a kilometer itself that you haven’t taken bath since 2 days, you definitely can’t risk your life by giving them the normal hug rather you should go for an E-hug. E-hug is safe & also no big tummy causes any hindrance to the fun 😛

2. When you wish to pinch some one double than you, reason could be any,, let it be same pinch, new pinch, old pinch or just pinch & the person decides to pay you back, in real chances are there for you becoming the victim in turn and trust me it pains a lot 😦 . In that case it’s always better to go for E-pinch, as at the most the person can do is just shout “Ouchh-Ouchhhh” and reply you with an E-pinch 😀 .
Wondering on why “Ouchh- Ouchh” ?? Well where there are E-pinches, there definitely is E-pain too 😛 .

3. You smell so good that even the rat will commit suicide if you sneeze, definitely your loved ones don’t deserve that merciless death and so you can’t give a real Kiss. E-kiss is what saves you and your loved one’s there and you don’t even need to worry of any viral disease 😛 .
You don’t even need to worry about how your E-lips look for an E-kiss 🙄

4. If you are scared to fall in love cz stalwarts say it pains, E-love is what you should go for as there is no ifffs no ufffffs in it 😛 . No conditions, no restrictions, no limitations, no bars, no compulsory meets required, and above all there are no E-marriages or E-divorces 🙄
It’s just pure unconditional E-love and have no complains either 😀 .

5. Enough of E-emotions. Now something non-serious 😛
Hmm who doesn’t loves to win, and who doesn’t loves to be rewarded. If not Nobel prizes and Bharat Rattan Awards 😛 there are E-awards for us that we can at least afford to win 😀 . Am I right? 😛

If you dono what I’m talking of hmm you need to look at this.

PS: If you feel like telling me any E- words or throwing some E-Eggs at me 🙄 , you are most welcome :mrgreen:

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