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The two different “ Doori, the Distance”

For all that we know…’speed x time’ gives the “distance”…and for all that we should know ‘thoughts x perception’ tends to build the same. As a pre-requisite hint to the 16 lines of confusion below, this is all we can say 🙂

Here is a poem from me and SrEe(a friend) on theme “Chalk and Cheese” .

The rule of this theme is pretty simple-
1. It should be a poem of minimum 16 lines, where each blogger should provide at least 8 lines
2. Post should be separated in such a manner so that the reader is able to differentiate each blogger’s lines
3. First blogger tagged (if interested) should write one half of a poem and pull in a buddy (can be one who is already tagged or a newbie) to finish the rest of it.
4. Both parts should be different in the style of writing but should convey the inherent meaning when read together.

Saagar or badal ki durii hai darmmiyaan, fir bhi
Mile hia man aise jaise milta hai Kshitij
Bhigota hai moti tere naino ka, mere tan ko aise
jaise rang gai ho ruh meri, tere hi pile rang me
Khil uthta har ang mera teri muskuaan se
Muh fere jo tu, nazre chura leti hu khud se
Hai wajood mera tere hi ehsaas se
Bandhu kase is faasle ko alfaaz me?

Yellow flowers on my head, I sit under the tree,
I try my best to avoid him, yet he looks right at me,
A smile on the face, repetitive glances he throws,
I look away at nothing and the anger within grows,
Standing up I see afar, the fast approaching bus,
As he crosses the road, I wrap myself all conscious,
With dark shades on, he seeks help anonymous,
I ask myself as to how, I could be less inglorius?

The two different “ Doori, the Distance”

We are talking the same theme “Doori, The Distance” but in two different ways. One is that which is “by nature” and another, which is “of thought”. Which one is what is pretty obvious here, so all you have to guess is in what context “ Doori, the Distance” is by nature and how in thought and which one is written by whom 😀

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