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Excoose me pleeze…

The specie of MALE… how intelligent ( 🙄 ) they are. Equally those could be spotted who are either soooo soooo silly or rather soooo sooo stupid. No no I’ m neither accusing them of anything nor am I talking of any of Megz’s MCPs. Rather just thinking, what do these so called guys gain from such acts as it doesn’t even sound to be fun else at least one gal would have tried it 😛  (Don include Rakhi and species like her in the count 😛 )

It was today night at around 8:45 PM I was sitting inside a small hotel nearby my house and waiting for my sis to come. There was another gal standing outside the hotel and constantly looking at her watch, as though waiting for someone’s arrival. One guy from the bunch of around 6 guys sitting next to my table got up and went to her to speak something. After that the conversation that followed between the two gave my jaws a very good exercise.

This is a snippet of what I overheard- (Don’t tell it’s a bad habit)

“Excoose me! Are hyou a Nort-Indian ji?”

No, I’m not. Any prob?

“No aaccctually hyou seem too bee”


“I come Phhrrom Nort-India

And I know Hindi bherryy well ji”


I don’t understand even a word in Hindi

“Hmm den haare hyou a south Indian ji?”

Why you wana know?

“No……. Jusstt……. simply asking…………

I shpeak Engleesh too bherryy well ji!! ”

Hmmm, I can see that

“I waass juzzttt thinking……

Eeff whee chould be Phriend jii”


“ 😀   😀 “ —(Display of 32 teeths)


Phew….now when it was the time for the action to begin, my sis came and I had to take my eyes off them. Still I don’t understand what such folks gain by all such silly acts, as if patience wouldn’t have been a gal’s trait, he would have lost all his 32 teeth long back.

This is just one of many examples that some guys think to be so funny or a good time pass or a way to flirt,,,,or,,,,, I dono what they think it to be. But the trauma or fear these so called fun-filled un-socialized acts create, force them either to prefer the other side of the door or depend on a male folk even if it is just about having a leisure walk late evening.

Imagine gals doing the same {Yakkkkk}, damn sure 99% guys would run away as they do seeing species as Rakhi and others 😉  & if every street gets one such specie,, 🙄 ,,,,, wondering if even at day time these guys would have the courage to walk freely 🙄 .

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