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Complimenting a stranger

Complimenting a stranger…. sounds so weird right? First time when someone,,, not someone actually a dear friend when asked me “Why can’t we compliment a stranger? What’s wrong in doing so?” it sounded weird for me too. Reading my previous post and then after having a small discussion on the same sort of topics he asked “What’s wrong is complimenting a stranger?”

Imagine you are walking in a mall with your friends and you come across a very beautiful girl (it’s different that all gals are beautiful) that your eyes wide open in “awww“ but do you approach her and say “You’re beautiful” ? Is it advisable first of all? One of my friend said “What’s the need?” where as another says “Why not? What’s wrong in telling someone that shez beautiful or hez handsome?” 🙄 .The difference in opinion is cz of the difference of 7 years approx between them I guess 🙄

Therez nothing wrong running in your mind and being a good boy your intention is as plain as the blank piece of paper (don mind the comparison), just you found her beautiful as she is, is it good if you confess it to her? Especially when she is just a mere stranger, is it good/advisable?

If you are a guy and do so, it’s so obvious that you will be welcomed with a stare that may be followed by a series of good {“bad”} words and end with her wrist and your teeth in pain 😛 . Though you weren’t stalking her or did any anti social act. All you did is just compliment.

If you are a gal, I can’t even imagine what the reaction could be like 😯 . And it makes no sense discussing it 🙄

Though compliment is just what you feel about some one and express to them,,, it definitely has some rules, that my dear friend doesn’t agree to and I’m still thinking how to make him understand those rules 🙄

Leave about guys, even if a gal whoz a complete stranger to you, approaches and compliments you for something let it be anything, I’m sure the opinion you make about her is not gonna be so good (Though it hardly matters being a stranger).

But why is that so? Same compliments when remarked by a kid or some one elder or old whoz a stranger draws a smile where as becomes a matter of fuss when remarked by someone young? Has social taboos stagnated our thinking nerves so much that we don’t want to think it the other way? Is it cz we are so accustomed to the customs of the society that it sounds absurd to us? Why we are not prepared to accept it just as a compliment and become offensive to such remarks? What’s wrong in it?

There were many such questions bombarded quoting examples and I’m still thinking or rather not able to conclude whoz right whoz wrong 🙄


PS: @ Suteerth

This post is dedicated to you buddy,,, in celebration of our one year of friendship, our one year of continuous debates that we have had all these days 🙂 And i know we will surely have many more :mrgreen:

Wait for my next post for the conclusion 😛 as how can you conclude by yourself? 😉 Hmmm may be at least then we will be on same terms 🙂

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Let me leave ;)- cocktail

Ok here is another poetic cocktail from SrEe and Me, and this time with lil bit of fun between a manager and his employee whoz actually a couple. We have tried to bring out their professional+non-professional 😛 conversation. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂 . And do lemme know what you understood from the poem? What the talk is all about ? And where it is professional and where non-professional and where both 😛 I know it ‘s not that difficult to find. Do lemme know.  And yeah as we dono which one is written completely by whom, I’m not telling what he wrote and what did I 😉 . May be you can tell if you can distinguish 😀 .

But ya honestly telling most of it was given the final touch by him, i just tried to cope up with him 😀

Here it goes-

Uss cabin main baitke, how will he know my pain?

Abhi toh jaake aayi maike, hmm…how to ask again?

Kuch toh sochna padega, have to make him approve my leave…

Afterall, I’ve had a successful delivery and been so productive…

“Excuse me Kunal, can you spare two mins of your time?”

Yeah Sonia, temme how did you drop in?”

Kuch nahi…I had to ask you something very important”

“Go ahead if it’s not what we already discussed last night”

Ye sudhrega nahi…”Well…I need a week’s leave to attend a family function…

You know its importance, so kindly give me permission”

Ye samjhti kyu nahi…”Being a responsible resource, how could you not understand…

You have just had a trip recently, and fir janaa hai tumhe?

Samjhta kya hai…”Kunal, please try to understand. It’s just the matter of a week…

But if you still don’t agree to approve, I’ll have to call-in sick”

Sick?? Very daring!!! “Par tu chali jayegi toh, who will look after our deliverables?

Err..beating aound bush…”Uski chinta nahi, I know it will be taken care off”

She knows??!! “But think, how will I manage? I don’t even have a back up of your’s!!

Huh, he wants a back up!! “Errr…for a week’s leave, do I need to make such a sacrifice? :x

Ye to maanegi nahi huh…”Theek hai…I will approve. Do I have no other choice?”

Err…emotional attack…”Ok boss…see you when am back, its now the time to rejoice!!

Kaisi aurat hai…too much…”Ok then, bye Sonia…see you at sharp nine”

Kaisa aadmi hey…chanceless…”Bye Kunal….and thanks, for your time”

Mere cabin ke baahar baitke, how will she know my pain?

Abhi to jaake aayi maike, hmm…how can I let her go again?

Sochna kuch nahi, ab even I will also apply for leave…

Afterall, I’ve to take the responsibility and be adjustive…

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