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{55-Fiction}-Chalo bhaag chale!!- Let’s flee away!!

Chalo bhaag chale!!

Jaldi karo, koi dekh lega

Pakde gaye to jaan se jayenge

Are tu darti kyu hai? “Mai hu na”!!

Dekho wo is taraf hi aa raha hai

Shayad use pata chal gaya

Rasgulle chodo or bhaago jaldi

Aadmi isse pehle ki unhe pakad paata

Dono Makhia ek duje ka haath pakde

Khushi khushi ud gaye 😀

Let’s flee away!!

Make it fast, somebody will see us

If we are caught, we may loose our lives

“Why are you scared when I am there”!!

See, he is coming this way only

Perhaps he has come to know

Leave the sweets and run fast

Before the man could catch them

the two flies flew away happily 😀

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{55-Fiction}- Last spell

Oh lady, thanks for the murderous spell

Had I seen this world with your eyes,

It wouldn’t have been less than hell!

For you want a baby boy

Arrival of me, gives you no joy

I’m lucky not to be born as your child

The baby in the womb laughed aloud

and then, silently cried!!

Yup! Like all my other posts, this too is an inspired one. It was born out of a conversation overheard between two colleagues. There was some serious discussion happening between the two and I was seated just beside them. I was stunned with what I heard and couldn’t believe my ears on how the so called honorable literates give excuses for their atrocious iniquitous acts. And above all they neither have any regrets nor do feel shameful following the vile practices.

One lady among the two was enquiring about a doc who can diagnose her and tell whether “It’s a boy or a gal”. She wanted to abort the baby if it’s an “unwanted gal” stating the reason- “As our monthly income amounts to ONLY 1 lakh, we aren’t capable of bringing up another gal child.” (She has a gal child already). To my dismay that one lakh seemed sufficient for her to bring up the baby boy. I really don’t understand what difference it makes or whether a gal child demands more food/money as compared to the boy child, God only can answer this. How can a mother be so amoral and a gory figure?

I never knew, until I saw her that people still exist amongst us with such cheap mentality when we have left behind all those orthodox thinking decades back. Heaven’s sake, dono when people gonna change.

That moment I really felt blessed to have born to a mother who has never complained bringing 4 of us (all gal children) with the mere pension she received, and had never made us feel “Why aren’t we THE BOYS.

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