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{55-Fiction}-Chalo bhaag chale!!- Let’s flee away!!

Chalo bhaag chale!!

Jaldi karo, koi dekh lega

Pakde gaye to jaan se jayenge

Are tu darti kyu hai? “Mai hu na”!!

Dekho wo is taraf hi aa raha hai

Shayad use pata chal gaya

Rasgulle chodo or bhaago jaldi

Aadmi isse pehle ki unhe pakad paata

Dono Makhia ek duje ka haath pakde

Khushi khushi ud gaye 😀

Let’s flee away!!

Make it fast, somebody will see us

If we are caught, we may loose our lives

“Why are you scared when I am there”!!

See, he is coming this way only

Perhaps he has come to know

Leave the sweets and run fast

Before the man could catch them

the two flies flew away happily 😀

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