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The unsaid!!

Clock strikes 4 in morning and she wakes up, wakes up as she hears some one calling her, someone very close to her heart.

“I feel I’m going to hear him today,,,, somewhere, somehow, but how…. it’s been almost 5 months now……”

Restlessly she started walking around her room, suddenly looking out of the window, checking her cell, and glancing through her mailbox.

Her cell rings, it’s 5 in the morning, it’s him. Her joy knew no bounds, heart started pounding double the rate and the tear of joy makes her voice heavy.

“Hi Ana! How are you?”

“I knew you must be awake.”

“Called you to inform that……… I am leaving today. My flight is at 10 AM, &………. informing you, as you asked me to.”

The words were sounding to her like the percussion & the excitement seemed to be taken over by the dismay.

“Hmm Ana! You there? I have planned for a long sail this time. I dono when I will be back. I have no idea.”

She feels the pain deep inside, as though someone is snatching away a part of her forcefully.

With heavy voice as tears rolled down her eyes “Harsh!…..can we meet?”

“Hmm see you outside the theatre at 8. Coming there to meet others too”

For the first time she is on time to the theatre, infact far before the time, it’s just 7. She sits on the big stair outside the theatre, stretched through the width, eyes hooked up on the way….

Slowly other people started crowding the place and sat before her, a few steps down, and some besides her at some distance.

He arrives at 7:45 and the crowd rushes to welcome him with a warm hug. While everyone is wishing him a safe journey and giving the best wishes for future, gifting him, she is standing at the same place where she sat, constantly just staring at him, locking and unlocking her fingers. He looks towards her still indulged with the crowd, thanking them for the wishes and for their coming.

After meeting everyone he walks over to her-

“When will you be back?”

“I dono. I haven’t planned anything yet.”

He looks into her eyes and there was a complete silence ………………

“I will miss you Harsh” she ran towards him and locked him around her arms tightly. The tears she held for so long betrayed her at the moment and rolled down her already swollen eyes. He feels the love in her for himself, for the first time .

“I will really miss you so much…………”

He smiles gaily & with bedewed eyes, gently wiping off her tears “Hei,,,,,stop crying like a kid.”

“You have your Boss with you, you won’t miss me”

“Shuttt Uppp”

“ihihihihi ok then therez one way out”, smiling sarcastically.

Suddenly pulling him away and moving a few steps back, “And what’s that?”

He walks closer to her, looking into her big brown eyes “Marry me!!”

They were looking into each other’s eyes synchronized and then she, suddenly zapped back, taking her eyes away from him “Do mail me,,,,,,,,,,,, keep in touch where ever you go.”

His loving and caring look suddenly turns to a disgust. Antipathetic he looks at her and she, avoiding his every stare, looking the other side, hiding her dabbling eyes sniffs, “Stay in touch…”

One last look towards her, he turns, and leaves the place without saying anything …….and she stood there helplessly crying, looking at him, still walking away from her .

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{Not Me-6}

Chalte Chalte

Ek Din


is Mod pe Aa Gaya k

Palat k ja nahi Sakta

Agey sirf Andhera hai

k bari wehshat si hoti hai

tanhaii darati hai

k nafrat yaad aati hai

mai phir bhool jata hoon

bss tujh ko bulata hoon

mere pass laut aoo tum

k mery sansain adhori hain …!!!!


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