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Intezaar me baitha  tha wo palke bichaaye

Aayegi wo milne usse baahe failaaye

Chu kar badan ko iske jab karegi wo ishaare

Bheeg jayega prem me uske apna dil hare

Karega shikayat, kitni der ki aane me


Bewafa wo aayi bhi to iske jaane par

Shehar se nikla wo or barsi wo jhum kar!!

Translation- In English it’s impossible to get it the way it’s in Hindi 😦 still giving the literal translation.


Eyes hooked on the ways

He was waiting for her,

That she will come with open arms.

Brushing his body when she will make the gestures,

Getting drenched in love he will loose his heart.

He will complain “you delayed”,


Disloyal she, came after he was gone,

He left the city and it rained!

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