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I kno by this time you would got tired of my 55-fictions on flies/cockroaches/ etc etc 😛 . Eeh don’t get scared before reading itself. It’s not on any animal/insect. Finally i have come up with something to call humane 😀 .

Two in English and one in hindi with translation 🙂 . Lemme know how humane it is 😛 .

The Upshot                                          

The pervert youth of today know no shame

Hiding behind the darkness of night

Play the obscene games

Remarked the lady, talking to her friend

Walking down the street, night at ten

Looking at a pair, standing beside a tree

Hands clasped together, face unseen

She neared, and then,

“Hei bro!!! even Mom is here!!”


How is it possible? No,,,,, I was careful enough.

This can’t be true. It wasn’t the first time I,,,,,,,,,,

No,,,,,, It just can’t happen.

Are you sure?

Yes! The reports are clear.

Oh! What will I answer everyone?

How will I face them? Will they forgive me?

And the tester cried for missing the bug 😛

Mai or Wo

Dekh raha tha mai use door se

Chali aa rahi thi wo meri or dagmagaate hue

Liya tha dil mera jiske noor ne,

Thi wo khadi aaj mere saamne muskaan liye

Pass aakr jab poocha usne, kaha kho gaye?

Thaamte hue use mai bola,

Ohh haseen,

Saath me bhi tu, solah se jaada lagti nahi 😀


Me And She

I was seeing her from a distance

She was walking towards me, staggering

The beauty that stole my heart once

Stood in front of my eyes, smiling

Nearing me when she asked,

Where are you lost?

Catching her hand I said,

Oh beautiful!

At the age of sixty also you don’t look more than sixteen 😀

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