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The Unsaid- II

As she wept sitting on the stairs, it seemed to her like yesterday when she met him-

The reverberating sound of the claps reechoed like a thunder in the theatre and her eyes moist for the success of the show, as she watched the crowd clap from behind the curtains. Her efforts were rewarded.

It was her first script and thanks to Mr. Srinivas who runs the theatre, for giving her the opportunity. Apart from script, she did the direction too and so was she in double delight.

As she walked out of the theatre, smiling to herself for the huge success –

“Hei! That was an awesome script. I totally loved playing it.”

Scared by the sudden masculine voice she turns and finds a tall man, with long hair till the tip of his ears, an average build and a charming smile that hid behind his French beard, standing behind. He looked as though he hadn’t shaven or trimmed his hair since months.

“Oh! You almost scared me to death! BTW thanks.”

“I’m so sorry for that. I didn’t mean to intrude in your rejoice but,,,,,,,, btw I am Harsh” he said smiling with his hand stretched out.

“I am Ana” she said taking his hand.

“I know, Srinivas uncle told me about you. So, when will the rehearsals start for the next show?” he asked walking down the stairs of theatre, along with her.

“I am still working on it. Perhaps I will complete it in another week, as per the deadline given by Mr. Srinivas.”

“I am in India for another few months and before I sail back in the arms of my love, My Sea,” he said pausing, turning towards her, and then continued walking down.

“I want to give another try to my acting skill. Besides, it’s fun to act.”

“See you next week in rehearsals then”. They bid farewell to each other smilingly.

After a week, in the theatre-

Ok guys! I hope the characters and the dialogues are clear to everyone. Let’s start the rehearsal after the lunch.”

She sat on a table of four alone, thinking something and staring at the food kept in front of her.

“Mind my company?” Harsh asked with his usual charming smile.

“Hei! not at all. Is this your usual habit to catch people only when they are lost in themselves?” She grinned meekly while he sat on the chair.

“Not everyone, but yeah I do love to intrude in the thoughts of pretty gals” he smirked looking at her with a sarcastic smile.

“Is this also one of your talents? Btw thanks for the compliment.” She said returning the gestures.

“You are lil way smarter than I evaluated you. And black compliments you well” he winked at her.

“Evaluated me? haha take your time in calculations Mr. and, thanks again.”

“Let’s leave. It’s already late and I don want to be late for the 1st rehearsal itself.” She said getting up from the chair.

The rehearsal started and as she spoke to the crowd, Harsh did nothing but just look at her. She had already occupied his mind.

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