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Self Betrayal

June 20, 2010 4 comments

Well i don’t even remember when i started this poem. Today while cleaning my folder found it lying somewhere incomplete. Hmm and finally i completed it today 😀 .

Walked once, Hand in hand

Stand today, estranged

Understood once, the reticent thoughts

Today misconstrue, even a simple talk

Enraged over the dying ties,

Decided to bid Good Bye

Erased the memories, inurn the feel

Burnt the images, framed within

Thinking it would, set me free

From the shackles, of “history”


Hearing suddenly, the familiar voice

I turned and saw the extant ashes

Shaping up into, beautiful images

Well aware, shattered I will be

Stifle the desires, to self I plea

And again,

Self betrayal is what I gained!!!

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