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{Father’s Day}- I do Remember!!

I know i’m very late in posting this. But finally i completed something to present to my Dad and as it’s never late to tell the one you love how much you love and miss them in their absence, here is an ode to my Daddy 🙂 .

Before the dawn break, early morning

Wiping the watery chin on our cheeks after shaving

Humming that same song and shaking of legs

I do remember you making faces as well 🙂

The morning jogs and those endless talks

On the concrete roads the bare foot walks

We staying awake on those Saturday nights

The shouting of mum for our loud cries

On rainy days sipping the ginger tea

Watching the lightning and narrating the stories

After drizzle enjoying the bliss of wet sand

I do remember us cooking on weekends 🙂

For those frivolous fights with mum, we, the team

Those games of chess and ludo seems a dream

When away from home for treatment or on TD

I do remember you writing some letters Daddy 🙂

But as destiny had its own role to play

To meet grandma you left home that day

I don’t remember you coming back home

I don’t remember where you were gone

Reading those letters today again Dad

The beautiful memories just flashed

Don’t you worry, we are happy and fine

But yeah, we do miss you sometimes 🙂

Happy Father’s day Papa 🙂

NOTE: TD is a reference to courses Men go for in Air force.

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