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The First E-mail!!

July 23, 2010 2 comments

Wo pehla pyaar, wo pehla izhaar
Wo pehli subah lambi raat k baad
Pehli pehli mulakat ka maja hi or hai 😉

The first Love, The first confession
The first morning after the long night
The very first meet has its own charm 😉

I mentioned in my previous post about the two-failed-cases getting arranged in love together to make a successful happy life. And finally the time came when the blogger has been asked or rather been ordered 😛 to send the very-first-mail to the Failed-case-going- to-be-life-partner .

The two-growing-old-ups were to decide if they could have the love-arranged-between-them and the first E-mail was to speak, what/how the blogger in person is 😉 .

Had it been a poem, a story, a love-letter or even non-sense 😉 the fingers of that brilliant writer {blogger} would have never floundered. But it was the first E-mail!! The first E-mail carrying the first impression to the one, who will save the blogger from the curse of never-ending-Bachelorhood 😛 .

The blogger started drafting the mail in morning and soon it was dusk but still the mail was as blank as the blogger’s mind.

The confusion whether to start with “Hi”, “Dearest” or a simple “Dear” and how to actually introduce self, made the blogger almost pull the hair off head 😛 . Time was running by and still the blogger sat clueless, wondering what-to-write!!

“Should I ask the contact details in first mail? Naahh better I will give mine!! Anyways in reply the other has to give the number. But how to begin? A pick-up-line? Hmm “Wanna be my Madarasi?” Naahh the person will swear on me!! Should I introduce myself? Hmm my family? My blog? Naah no hypes no hypes!! Anyways my signature will have it all. How to start but?

“Shall I start with “I don’t know what to write?” too old fashioned!!

Had it been a love letter, there was no issue. But, this is arranged-yet-to-fall-in-love-letter. Subject line: You got m@il ?? Hope this mail finds you in good health… No I haven’t come to make it worse…..Eeh my hands are cold (Shall I write this?) So far all I have written is

“Dear XXXX”

Shall I end it with thank you?

PS: This is my life’s blank paper. Will you fill it please?

Ohh no this is how lovers talk.We are yet to be arranged-lovers.

Shall I write in poem? Or prose?

OMG I thought it’s just a mail. What big deal. And now it’s making me pull my hair off.  I can’t start with “I am…blah blah”. Then how to start?”

I must tell you the blogger was damn confused 😀 and on the other side, Ma had called two times, to enquire if the first step towards the process of Love-to-be-arranged had been executed successfully.

After the day’s long struggle, the blogger finally finished writing the first E-mail and felt a sigh of relief as though the burden was off-head 😀 . Of course I was there to help or rather approve 😛 (See I had been telling you guys that it aint about me. Hmm believe me at least now 😛 )

Definitely the other person wouldn’t have faced this struggle as its pretty easy to follow than to lead as the blogger said 😉 But it was worth taking the pain, the reply said 😉

Do you think these failed-cases got arranged-in-love finally? Wanna know what actually the blogger mailed at last? What happened next?

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“Arranging Love”

July 14, 2010 1 comment

You would have heard of falling in love, being in love, failing in love but definitely not about arranging love. Have you? If yes then keep quite and leme speak hmm .

You fall into this pitiable situation of “arranging love” only after you have failed to fall in love, be in love, or succeed in love. Reason could be innumerable. You never met a person who impressed you that way, may be you didn’t had the rights to fall in this beautiful pit, or may be just you couldn’t cz you din’t know how to 😉 . There are also possibilities that you met that person but couldn’t stay together for long cz of some frequency mis-match or some way or the other you both realized you aren’t made for each other and so you quit and blah blah,,,,,, reasons and execuses are always countless.

But still, which fool prefers to grow old all alone? I don’t see any hand raising hmm. Definitely none wants to walk on three legs all alone on the lonely roads with no one to listen to you when you stutter while speaking without teeths.

So now finally after failing to fall/be/succeed in love, the only choice you have is to get arranged in love. That’s the time when your parents take the responsibility on their shoulder and arrange for you one similar Failed-case and after the haan-haan, yes-yes for all the criterias/demands for the Love to be arranged, from both the parties the descision is left on the growing-old-ups to decide whether Love could be arranged between them 😉 .

The much awaited time comes when you are asked to send your very first mail to your Failed-case-going- to-be life partner about whom all you know is name and face 🙂 .

Being a writer how do you think your mail would look like? 😉 And how do you think you will struggle to draft it? 😉

To be Continued…

PS: Don’t ask me any stupid questions like about whom it is or whether i am getting married cz definitely i am not that growing-old-ups case 😛 .

PPS: Mail cz that’s the only way you can contact other.

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Heights of June- Suspicious July :P

As I thought June is going to be a cool month but un-expectedly it turned out to be super cool 😀 . Not cz it rained here in Chennai many days though not continuous rather the happening with me or around me made it a masttttt month 😀 . I felt as if I was witnessing the height or the maximum limit of everything.

1. Height of dreaming- Unlike dreaming while driving back home that I usually do, one evening I was returning home in auto and asked the auto-driver to drop me near railway gate. Half the way to my destination everyone companying me in the auto got down and I was left alone to travel for another 2/3 KM.

After exactly dono how many minutes-

“Mam- Mam, Do you want to go some where else?”

“……………………………………………………………………………” (No response)

After 10 min-

“Madam, Madam,,,,,,,, gate has come”

“Ohh sorry anna where am I? Are we at the gate? “

As I realized I was dreaming with open eyes, gave the money, jumped off the auto and walked away as fast as I could, out of embarrassment 😀 .

2. Height of compliment- I came out of the MEPZ gate along with my colleague Elavarasi and saw the police man doing some actions near the signal. I didn’t understand his hand signals and stopped there to understand what he actually wanted to say and then

Police – “@#$%^&,,,,,,,,*&^*%^&*

Me- “What?”

I was about to ask the police man for translation when Elavarasi laughing like hell, hinted me to move. When asked she translated what the police man said-

“With your face fully covered you are looking like a masked robber.”

Huh I have never received such a wonderful compliment 😀

3. Height of Promotion-Demotion- The month started with another good news for me as one of my best best best buddy promoted me from the post of ex-GF to permanent GF 😛 . The celebration didn’t even end and I received the message from him at the end of the month- “How are you ex-GF? Stunned at my sudden demotion, when I asked him the reason for the same, he replied I got a new GF Ex  🙄 shameless friends 😡

4. Height of absent–mindedness- Last week I went to Central to see off my mummy. Train was scheduled to depart at 5.30 PM and it was already 5.15. Having no time in hand I rushed up to near by ATM to withdraw some amount and unfortunately when I tried to insert my card, machine didn’t accept. Then I looked at the screen that read- “Please collect the amount” and was shocked as I didn’t even insert my card.

The person who used the machine before me swiped his card and forgot to collect the amount cz of his absent mindedness 🙄 . Hmm I couldn’t even return his money as he was lost in crowd.

5. Height of craziness- Last but not the least 😀 . Height of craziness was proved by a friend who dono intentionally or verbally said that he is ready for madness and fun anytime and I asked him to sing a song the very moment 😀 . Call him sportive he recorded the song the very moment and sent me, though I thought of listening it Live 😛 but spared him as didn’t wanted him to be beaten up in mid night 😛 .

That’s it about the wonderful June. Hoping July to be double masttttttt 😀 .

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