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Heights of June- Suspicious July :P

As I thought June is going to be a cool month but un-expectedly it turned out to be super cool 😀 . Not cz it rained here in Chennai many days though not continuous rather the happening with me or around me made it a masttttt month 😀 . I felt as if I was witnessing the height or the maximum limit of everything.

1. Height of dreaming- Unlike dreaming while driving back home that I usually do, one evening I was returning home in auto and asked the auto-driver to drop me near railway gate. Half the way to my destination everyone companying me in the auto got down and I was left alone to travel for another 2/3 KM.

After exactly dono how many minutes-

“Mam- Mam, Do you want to go some where else?”

“……………………………………………………………………………” (No response)

After 10 min-

“Madam, Madam,,,,,,,, gate has come”

“Ohh sorry anna where am I? Are we at the gate? “

As I realized I was dreaming with open eyes, gave the money, jumped off the auto and walked away as fast as I could, out of embarrassment 😀 .

2. Height of compliment- I came out of the MEPZ gate along with my colleague Elavarasi and saw the police man doing some actions near the signal. I didn’t understand his hand signals and stopped there to understand what he actually wanted to say and then

Police – “@#$%^&,,,,,,,,*&^*%^&*

Me- “What?”

I was about to ask the police man for translation when Elavarasi laughing like hell, hinted me to move. When asked she translated what the police man said-

“With your face fully covered you are looking like a masked robber.”

Huh I have never received such a wonderful compliment 😀

3. Height of Promotion-Demotion- The month started with another good news for me as one of my best best best buddy promoted me from the post of ex-GF to permanent GF 😛 . The celebration didn’t even end and I received the message from him at the end of the month- “How are you ex-GF? Stunned at my sudden demotion, when I asked him the reason for the same, he replied I got a new GF Ex  🙄 shameless friends 😡

4. Height of absent–mindedness- Last week I went to Central to see off my mummy. Train was scheduled to depart at 5.30 PM and it was already 5.15. Having no time in hand I rushed up to near by ATM to withdraw some amount and unfortunately when I tried to insert my card, machine didn’t accept. Then I looked at the screen that read- “Please collect the amount” and was shocked as I didn’t even insert my card.

The person who used the machine before me swiped his card and forgot to collect the amount cz of his absent mindedness 🙄 . Hmm I couldn’t even return his money as he was lost in crowd.

5. Height of craziness- Last but not the least 😀 . Height of craziness was proved by a friend who dono intentionally or verbally said that he is ready for madness and fun anytime and I asked him to sing a song the very moment 😀 . Call him sportive he recorded the song the very moment and sent me, though I thought of listening it Live 😛 but spared him as didn’t wanted him to be beaten up in mid night 😛 .

That’s it about the wonderful June. Hoping July to be double masttttttt 😀 .

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