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“Arranging Love”

You would have heard of falling in love, being in love, failing in love but definitely not about arranging love. Have you? If yes then keep quite and leme speak hmm .

You fall into this pitiable situation of “arranging love” only after you have failed to fall in love, be in love, or succeed in love. Reason could be innumerable. You never met a person who impressed you that way, may be you didn’t had the rights to fall in this beautiful pit, or may be just you couldn’t cz you din’t know how to 😉 . There are also possibilities that you met that person but couldn’t stay together for long cz of some frequency mis-match or some way or the other you both realized you aren’t made for each other and so you quit and blah blah,,,,,, reasons and execuses are always countless.

But still, which fool prefers to grow old all alone? I don’t see any hand raising hmm. Definitely none wants to walk on three legs all alone on the lonely roads with no one to listen to you when you stutter while speaking without teeths.

So now finally after failing to fall/be/succeed in love, the only choice you have is to get arranged in love. That’s the time when your parents take the responsibility on their shoulder and arrange for you one similar Failed-case and after the haan-haan, yes-yes for all the criterias/demands for the Love to be arranged, from both the parties the descision is left on the growing-old-ups to decide whether Love could be arranged between them 😉 .

The much awaited time comes when you are asked to send your very first mail to your Failed-case-going- to-be life partner about whom all you know is name and face 🙂 .

Being a writer how do you think your mail would look like? 😉 And how do you think you will struggle to draft it? 😉

To be Continued…

PS: Don’t ask me any stupid questions like about whom it is or whether i am getting married cz definitely i am not that growing-old-ups case 😛 .

PPS: Mail cz that’s the only way you can contact other.

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