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The First E-mail!!

Wo pehla pyaar, wo pehla izhaar
Wo pehli subah lambi raat k baad
Pehli pehli mulakat ka maja hi or hai 😉

The first Love, The first confession
The first morning after the long night
The very first meet has its own charm 😉

I mentioned in my previous post about the two-failed-cases getting arranged in love together to make a successful happy life. And finally the time came when the blogger has been asked or rather been ordered 😛 to send the very-first-mail to the Failed-case-going- to-be-life-partner .

The two-growing-old-ups were to decide if they could have the love-arranged-between-them and the first E-mail was to speak, what/how the blogger in person is 😉 .

Had it been a poem, a story, a love-letter or even non-sense 😉 the fingers of that brilliant writer {blogger} would have never floundered. But it was the first E-mail!! The first E-mail carrying the first impression to the one, who will save the blogger from the curse of never-ending-Bachelorhood 😛 .

The blogger started drafting the mail in morning and soon it was dusk but still the mail was as blank as the blogger’s mind.

The confusion whether to start with “Hi”, “Dearest” or a simple “Dear” and how to actually introduce self, made the blogger almost pull the hair off head 😛 . Time was running by and still the blogger sat clueless, wondering what-to-write!!

“Should I ask the contact details in first mail? Naahh better I will give mine!! Anyways in reply the other has to give the number. But how to begin? A pick-up-line? Hmm “Wanna be my Madarasi?” Naahh the person will swear on me!! Should I introduce myself? Hmm my family? My blog? Naah no hypes no hypes!! Anyways my signature will have it all. How to start but?

“Shall I start with “I don’t know what to write?” too old fashioned!!

Had it been a love letter, there was no issue. But, this is arranged-yet-to-fall-in-love-letter. Subject line: You got m@il ?? Hope this mail finds you in good health… No I haven’t come to make it worse…..Eeh my hands are cold (Shall I write this?) So far all I have written is

“Dear XXXX”

Shall I end it with thank you?

PS: This is my life’s blank paper. Will you fill it please?

Ohh no this is how lovers talk.We are yet to be arranged-lovers.

Shall I write in poem? Or prose?

OMG I thought it’s just a mail. What big deal. And now it’s making me pull my hair off.  I can’t start with “I am…blah blah”. Then how to start?”

I must tell you the blogger was damn confused 😀 and on the other side, Ma had called two times, to enquire if the first step towards the process of Love-to-be-arranged had been executed successfully.

After the day’s long struggle, the blogger finally finished writing the first E-mail and felt a sigh of relief as though the burden was off-head 😀 . Of course I was there to help or rather approve 😛 (See I had been telling you guys that it aint about me. Hmm believe me at least now 😛 )

Definitely the other person wouldn’t have faced this struggle as its pretty easy to follow than to lead as the blogger said 😉 But it was worth taking the pain, the reply said 😉

Do you think these failed-cases got arranged-in-love finally? Wanna know what actually the blogger mailed at last? What happened next?

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  1. fatin
    August 22, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    very well written……throughout the blog the reader gets an impression as in the whole story is based upon UR experience…the end is vague a bit….

    • August 26, 2010 at 3:40 am

      The end was intentionally left that way Fatin 😀
      Thanks a lott 🙂

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