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{Tag}~ Sailing on the same boat :D

If you are wondering what boat is tat, well that’s the boat carrying the sinners 😛 . Though I was tagged by Megz when she 1st kick started this tag, my busy schedule 😛 didn’t let me take it up. Especially cz again I was supposed to speak about myself, how can it not take time 😀 .

Here goes the list of my sins against the gender stereotypes-

1. Accessories NO NO Unlike other gals I have never had this fancy for accessories. They had somehow never been the part of my make-up. I need to be reminded even to put on the ear-rings 🙄 . Now a days after been advised by a friend I keep a set of spare ear-ring in my purse so as to avoid getting into any sort of doubts of being a protestant 😛 . It definitely makes no sense talking about chain/bracelet/bangle or any other accessory 🙄 . It’s very occasional or rather on my mood that I dress up like a typical gal.

2. Non-Expressive I can blabber for hours non-stop, can do bakwass on anything and everything on earth but when it comes to express, unlike gals who are born with this talent, ufff I really suck at that. Let it be anger/happiness/sadness/excitement or any other emotion, I have never learnt to express it. And so are my write up 😐 . And thus usually when any of these reaches the maximum limit, I prefer to stay mum rather blabbering some non-sense 😛 .

3. Dark Side I just love to walk/drive/ride on dark roads. If the street lights are also off, it’s a bliss 😀 . Provided I have a company of course. It’s not that I am scared to  be alone but a company always makes it better 😉 . For the same reason I usually get regarded as a nocturnal by my friends 😀 .

4. Anti- Religious This is one trait of me that I feel to be so against my gender 😀 . Unlike gals visiting temple once a week or month or praying daily at least at home. Hmm I won’t say I am an atheist but yes I neither pray nor do I go to temples unless tempted. Actually I go only once a year 😛 . Now don’t ask when and why.

5. Sportive I  have played most of the sports. Let it be football/volleyball/ basketball/ hockey/ cricket/tennis/athletics I have been a sports women 😀 . Unlike other gals sitting in shade with the sunscreen on, I was always found burning my skin under the hot sun until my 12th standard 😀 . Now the situation is, my relatives refuse to accept that I belong to their family cz of my sun-burnt skin 😐 .

6. Explain me Crush Unlike gals doing ooh aahh wowww seeing some handsome hunk, or sighting their crushes, well that’s simply not my cup of tea 😀 .Usually when asked, gals give a big list of how their life partner should be, I still just blink 🙄 .

7. Soft-toys Naah Undoubtedly they are every gals favorite 😀 . I don’t have any sort of likings for that too. The first soft toy I got was a tiger from a friend and second one was the Panda 😀 . I have got few more but never bought any on my own.

8. No Maska no Buttering I feel gals are better and actually only gals can do this buttering job well 😛 . Being so blunt this is something impossible for me.

9. How to Whisper? You ll know about my voice and with that whispering, hmm it will anyway be no less than an announcement 😀 . And so do I never tell secrets to anybody in a crowded place 😛

10.  Celebrate Failures 😀 I didn’t know until someone told me that only guys celebrate and treat when they fail. Apart from celebrating the success I have always celebrated all my failures 😀 . Mostly alone and sometimes with friends but yes I love to celebrate my failures too.

Aah sometimes it feels so good to be  a sinner too :D.

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