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Together on F’Ship

August 7, 2010 2 comments

How can the friendship week just go without my dedication to that one friend who has always stood by me, what so ever side of life the coin was facing 😉 .

Long Long ago once upon a time

In the holy world “HE” committed a crime

His fate doomed with no way to flee

As HE ended up befriending “ME” 😛

Mentor, teacher, guide and a friend22255_1316092388829_1426304724_861222_4045297_n.jpg

Many times even a technical helpdesk

HIS role changed as per MY need

No sooner HIS life was a mess indeed 😛

Till now it was just the trailer of the show

While the movie had its own way to go

Just drop a message whenever in need

Thanks to the negative balance I keep 😛

Call for treats and never pay the bills

Always order and scream like an elder SIS

Often fight and then don’t talk for months

Still when meet it’s like nothing has happened

The one person whom any moment I approach

Unconditionally helps and never says a NO 🙂

I know I can never thank you buddy in any way

Just wanted to wish you Happy Friendship Day!!! 😀

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