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I learnt last week!

Never Kid with God!!

I am damn serious with it (You believe it or not). But if you don abide by what I have said, you too will just end up banging your own head against the wall or wherever you prefer to. God & Fools are the only two people you should never dare to kid with for the simplest reason being, they don’t and will never get that you were just kidding and was never serious.

As after a long time I am writing something very serious let me write about GOD.

One morning I just stepped out of my house to start for office when it was still drizzling as usual. Being in Chennai “As Usual” in context with rain may sound lil absurd but yes Chennai too witnessed the downpours and clouds seemed to have promised never to betray, its ever-betrayed love Chennai. Imagining my own plight of driving to office in rain, getting my clothes soaked in muddy water I uttered, “Hei bhagwan!! Is this rain ever gonna stop? This weather doesn’t suit Chennai at all.” And booommm!!

When I started back from office there was no sign of even existence of Chennai’s newly found love. Next morning when I stepped out of the house to start for office and looked up in the sky, there was the same old love of Chennai, the scorching sun. Horrified I pleaded “Oh god please please please I was just kidding. Don’t get it so serious.” But as expected, I just failed to make him understand 🙄 Dare I kid with him again!!

Mute the Volume!!

You got to believe me when I say I was so occupied with work that I totally forgot about the “Ladies Room” where I was still IN. Though it was a ladies room with all types of non-stop blabbers, there was a pin drop silence all the time while I waited for my manager to come. But never did I know that the silence was just the indication of the upcoming storm. And booomm!!

There came he. And the moment he came to my desk all the sleepy members of the room woke up at once and after that all WE could hear is ting ting ting ting & ting. Perplexed my manager asked- “Why do I get to hear this ting-ting-ting only from your desk? From where does this sound come?” Wondering what to reply to him I said- “Well the sound comes from the Ladies-Room.”

If you haven’t understood yet what is a “Ladies-Room”? Well it’s a reference to the “Ladies-Conference-Chat” 😀 . Now as the name may decipher but it isn’t always true that the “Ladies-Room” doesn’t have any guy 😉

“Go-blank” before starting the session!

By “Go-blank” I don’t mean to say that you should erase even what you are going to speak on. Else all you will do is just stand in front and blink at people. By “Go-blank” I mean don’t be pre-occupied with any other thing.

Recently I took a session on “Test Design Techniques” & I myself don’t remember what I spoke 🙄 I was well prepared. I wasn’t scared of the learned people present in the conference room. I had good knowledge of what I had to speak. But still when I came out of the room I had least idea of what I spoke or what discussion happened 🙄 . And from all I could recollect I knew it could have been better. I never spoke what I had prepared. And it was all cz I entered with a pre-occupied mind and came out with the same. The attendees said I was good & the session was interesting too. But least they know that I know the truth 😛 .

Usually people blabber on Fridays but I am doing it on Monday. And the main reason behind it is the distracted mind that’s not letting me write/complete anything 🙄

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