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Default Winner ~ You just can’t Win!!

September 26, 2010 2 comments

There was a time when few of my close friends used to regard me as a “Claustrophobic”, and today my sisters makes sure to ask me every Friday night “Di, where are you going tomorrow?” Huh talk of mockery or sarcasm, I bet sisters are best at that.

One such Saturday I was standing in the bus-stop waiting for the bus to come. There was a get-together planned by my friends and I was already very late. Nothing new. The calls have already started pouring in. Suddenly I noticed all the eyes around mocking at me. For a moment I thought may be it’s the admiring look and not the mocking one. I should be optimist. But deep within there was something that kept discouraging me. Ufff I felt my head growing heavy as if I was carrying a load. To touch my forehead when I lifted my hand up, I realized I was standing in the bus-stop with my helmet still on. Talk of absent mindedness and I bet I am the winner by default.

I was drafting an important mail. It was really urgent and I was already very late in sending it. It took me hours to complete the draft. Finally I was done. I hit the send button and gave a sigh of relief. I messaged to the concerned person asking to check the mail out. In fraction of second after message I received a new mail. It was from me, to me 😐 . Yes, I had sent the mail to myself instead of sending it to the other person.

Do you need any more proof of why do I call myself the “Default winner?”

How so ever absent minded I may be, I try to make sure in weekends I call all my friends with whom I had not talked for long. I was just done with the last call and my cell rang. It was from my sis. God that is when I realized it had been a week that I talked to her. As expected & obvious, she started with the complains-

“Do you even remember you have one more sis who is away from home and you should talk to her at least once in a day?

Huh leave once in a day it had been a week you called me up.

You never forget to log in to your Gmail/Facebook, but you forgot to even make me a call? Forgot to even inform me about your B’lore trip? ”

I have never been so ashamed of myself 🙄 .

B’lore trip reminds me of another blunder I committed.  The same weekend one of my best friend got married. Already she was angry on me as I didn’t attend her marriage cz of a stupid get-together as she called it. To worsen the things, I forgot to even call her up and wish 🙄 . I got reminded of it only after I was back to Chennai and thought I should call her at least now else even God won’t be able to save me. The thought of it was forgotten the same moment 🙄 .

The very next day I made sure I don’t think and just dialed her number. You can guess what her reaction would have been 😛 , but luckily hmm I have got such forgiving friends who forgive my every mistake irrespective of its seriousness.

Do you think I have learnt anything from all these lessons of blunders? Stay tuned to my space to know about it 😀

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Anonymous Dream!

September 19, 2010 10 comments

Tick.Tick.Tick….. 12:00 AM 26th October 2010.

“Peelu tere neele neele naino ki shabnam, peelu tere gile gile hotho ki sargam, peeluuu,hai pine ka mausam… “


“Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy”

“Thanks. I was kind of expecting your call.”

“Obviously, how can I not wish you?”

“Hmm. How long will you stretch it? Enough of playing. You call me anonymously every year only on my birthday but never reveal even your name. You know that I know who you are.”

“How does it matter? I call just to wish you.”

“Then why do you hide your identity? It’s been three years now. Please don’t stretch it anymore. ”

“Have a wonderful year Harsh.”

“Hei….…damn she cut the call. As always.”

“Peelu tere neele neele naino ki shabnam,,,, peelu tere gile gile hotho ki sargam,,, peeluuu,,,,, hai pine ka mausam… “

*He wakes up on hearing the caller tune*


“Happyyyyyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy sweet heart.”

“Hei.….. thanks Shefali.”

“What happened? Why are you sounding so dull?”

“No Shefali…I was just….”

“What is it Harsh? Is everything alright?”


“Ana? What about her after these many years?

“Just saw a dream.”


“Nothing new. I see the same every year on my birthday.”

“What? Same dream?

“Yeah, same dream. I have been seeing it since last 3 years. I see Ana making me an anonymous call every year to wish me.”

“What? She?”

“Yeah strange it is. And she doesn’t speak more than wishing me.“

“You have been seeing the same dream since 3 years?”

“Yes, every year. First time in 2008.”

12:00 AM 26th October 2008


“Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy,,,,”

“Thanksss…. But may I know who I am talking to? “

“Oh. Didn’t you recognize me?”

“I am sorry but I didn’t.”

Oh! Nice. BTW I got your number from your uncle. Why did you give me your uncle’s number?”

“I gave you the number? When? Who are you?”

“I am one of your friends…any guesses?”




“No! Any more guesses?”

“Hmmm I am totally clueless. Will you please enlighten me now on your name and where about?”

“Nah, I called just to wish you. Have a fun-filled year ahead.”

“Hei,,,,,, but…….Damn she cut the call…….Was she….? No it can’t be her.”

“Then in 2009. And every time I try to call her back, I wake up and don’t even remember her number.”

“I remember giving her my Uncle’s number as I was to change mine. I also remember uncle complaining to me one of those days that my friends now call him even in his dreams.”

“Harsh, she wishes you every year on your birthday. It’s no less than a miracle.”


“Harsh, I know I should have told you long back. But I couldn’t afford to see you shattered. I know how much you still love her. And now I know how much she loves you too.”

“Shefali, don’t scare me. Do you know where she is?”

“Harsh, Ana is in Coma from last 3 years.”

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Of People & Their Comments-1

September 18, 2010 8 comments

Note: Before you proceed with reading the post you need to promise me that after reading this, you won’t stop commenting on my posts. And only if you promise you can proceed else, Thank You 😛 . I love all your comments and so can’t take the risk of losing any of you 😀 .

Hmmm promise??

Ok now you can proceed 😀

A friend of mine mailed me the lyrics of the song he has written. It was his first attempt and so was the excitement in him to get the feedback. On seeing my feedback he burst into laughter. Curiously I asked-

“What is there to laugh?”

“I am not laughing at you. The kind of feedback people/friends give is making me laugh.”

“Oh! And what was the feedback?”

One said-

“It’s nice”

I asked- “Oh how did you like it?”

“Hmm shall I get back to you in sometime? “

and escaped.

Some said “It’s Good!” (God knows what was good and what did they understand)

Another girl-

“This is nice. But I didn’t get it exactly.”

(What was nice if she didn’t get?)

And the ultimate was from a gal who said

“Thik hai yaar improve karo!” (It’s OK! Do improve!) lol.

And also there was one who sang songs of praises for the every word I wrote 🙄 .

After listening to him, all I could do is just laugh and think of the comments that we get on our posts.

The variety in them ranges with every individual, irrespective of whether or not we understood it 😛

“Oh good”


“Good attempt”

“I liked this one hmmm ”

“Fantastic, Splendid, Awesome, Freakinglysupersplendid” & all the other adjectives & their combinations they could get on earth 🙄

Or else

“1st comment. I will come back after reading now” (no offences meant 😛 )

Also there are some who forget even their basic lessons of a,b,c, till the time they are done with the post and so the comments are either-

“ 😀 “ or “ 🙂 “ or “ 😛 “ or “ :mrgreen:

Apart from these, there are some whose thought process go fhusss after they have read the post and so the comment, exactly the CCP of the comment posted above 😛 .

And last but not least, the praise-singers, whose comment sings the praises for every word you write 😛 .

But one thing is common in all these individuals, They love to encourage people and they love to comment. And so does counts anything for a writer that comes from the reader 🙂 .

Will be back with something more on the same, from your own bloggers space 😛 . Till then have a mastt weekend 😀 .

PS: Don’t forget you promised something before reading the post 🙄

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Had English not been there!!

September 1, 2010 8 comments

I was talking (chatting) with a fellow blogger, actually interviewing him for the Fresh beans series where we introduce new bloggers in our internal blog, & our conversation shifted to other bloggers (friends). We were discussing on language and that is when he came to know that I still, yeah still, after being in Chennai for 11 long years, can’t speak Tamil. (If you love your life, don’t tell me I should be ashamed) and he suddenly got a doubt which I had never even thought of before.

“Had English not been the medium I wonder how you/ any other blogger and MJ would have conversed?” (MJ is one of our friend) Wondering why only MJ? Aah well that’s cz almost all of US (Bloggers(friends)) can speak in Hindi and MJ has hardly learnt to re-make(murder) Hindi.

Knowing how difficult(impossible) it is for WE guys to be w/o doing any talk, I guess we would have managed with “Sign-language” too 😀

Btw did you understand the scene and what’s happening there?? 🙄 I was just checking if it’s possible for me to speak anything w/o words.

As I couldn’t figure out how it would be w/o English as the medium to converse in, I threw the challenge to MJ 😛 . And he being he this is what we talked (about FOOD)-

I have given the translation for my part of conversation and his part hmm I don think it even need the translation( I wonder if its possible to translate it)

HE: Tum raat ka kanna ka?

ME: Nahi abhi abhi to maine lunch kia. (No I just had my lunch)

HE: Tum ether gady lunch kavo?

ME: Haan mere ko abhi bhookh lagi. Tumne khaya?( Yeah I felt hungry now only)

HE: Mera mataji natak dekho na. Rath ka kanna nahi bangaiya.

ME: hahahha to tum banao na, tumko banana nahi aata?(Then you cook na, don’t you know to cook? )

HE: Mera atha (Mother in Tamil) nahi atha. Tumara ma kay kanna bangaiya

ME: ihihhi meri mummy ne nahi banaya abhi. (My mum hasn’t cooked yet.)

HE: Tumara ma kay natak kartho. Pura mataji acha nahi. Anu bacha nahi.

Do I still need to answer the question-“Had English not been the medium I wonder how you/ any other blogger and MJ would have conversed?” 😛

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