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Had English not been there!!

September 1, 2010 8 comments

I was talking (chatting) with a fellow blogger, actually interviewing him for the Fresh beans series where we introduce new bloggers in our internal blog, & our conversation shifted to other bloggers (friends). We were discussing on language and that is when he came to know that I still, yeah still, after being in Chennai for 11 long years, can’t speak Tamil. (If you love your life, don’t tell me I should be ashamed) and he suddenly got a doubt which I had never even thought of before.

“Had English not been the medium I wonder how you/ any other blogger and MJ would have conversed?” (MJ is one of our friend) Wondering why only MJ? Aah well that’s cz almost all of US (Bloggers(friends)) can speak in Hindi and MJ has hardly learnt to re-make(murder) Hindi.

Knowing how difficult(impossible) it is for WE guys to be w/o doing any talk, I guess we would have managed with “Sign-language” too 😀

Btw did you understand the scene and what’s happening there?? 🙄 I was just checking if it’s possible for me to speak anything w/o words.

As I couldn’t figure out how it would be w/o English as the medium to converse in, I threw the challenge to MJ 😛 . And he being he this is what we talked (about FOOD)-

I have given the translation for my part of conversation and his part hmm I don think it even need the translation( I wonder if its possible to translate it)

HE: Tum raat ka kanna ka?

ME: Nahi abhi abhi to maine lunch kia. (No I just had my lunch)

HE: Tum ether gady lunch kavo?

ME: Haan mere ko abhi bhookh lagi. Tumne khaya?( Yeah I felt hungry now only)

HE: Mera mataji natak dekho na. Rath ka kanna nahi bangaiya.

ME: hahahha to tum banao na, tumko banana nahi aata?(Then you cook na, don’t you know to cook? )

HE: Mera atha (Mother in Tamil) nahi atha. Tumara ma kay kanna bangaiya

ME: ihihhi meri mummy ne nahi banaya abhi. (My mum hasn’t cooked yet.)

HE: Tumara ma kay natak kartho. Pura mataji acha nahi. Anu bacha nahi.

Do I still need to answer the question-“Had English not been the medium I wonder how you/ any other blogger and MJ would have conversed?” 😛

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