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Anonymous Dream!

September 19, 2010 10 comments

Tick.Tick.Tick….. 12:00 AM 26th October 2010.

“Peelu tere neele neele naino ki shabnam, peelu tere gile gile hotho ki sargam, peeluuu,hai pine ka mausam… “


“Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy”

“Thanks. I was kind of expecting your call.”

“Obviously, how can I not wish you?”

“Hmm. How long will you stretch it? Enough of playing. You call me anonymously every year only on my birthday but never reveal even your name. You know that I know who you are.”

“How does it matter? I call just to wish you.”

“Then why do you hide your identity? It’s been three years now. Please don’t stretch it anymore. ”

“Have a wonderful year Harsh.”

“Hei….…damn she cut the call. As always.”

“Peelu tere neele neele naino ki shabnam,,,, peelu tere gile gile hotho ki sargam,,, peeluuu,,,,, hai pine ka mausam… “

*He wakes up on hearing the caller tune*


“Happyyyyyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy sweet heart.”

“Hei.….. thanks Shefali.”

“What happened? Why are you sounding so dull?”

“No Shefali…I was just….”

“What is it Harsh? Is everything alright?”


“Ana? What about her after these many years?

“Just saw a dream.”


“Nothing new. I see the same every year on my birthday.”

“What? Same dream?

“Yeah, same dream. I have been seeing it since last 3 years. I see Ana making me an anonymous call every year to wish me.”

“What? She?”

“Yeah strange it is. And she doesn’t speak more than wishing me.“

“You have been seeing the same dream since 3 years?”

“Yes, every year. First time in 2008.”

12:00 AM 26th October 2008


“Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy,,,,”

“Thanksss…. But may I know who I am talking to? “

“Oh. Didn’t you recognize me?”

“I am sorry but I didn’t.”

Oh! Nice. BTW I got your number from your uncle. Why did you give me your uncle’s number?”

“I gave you the number? When? Who are you?”

“I am one of your friends…any guesses?”




“No! Any more guesses?”

“Hmmm I am totally clueless. Will you please enlighten me now on your name and where about?”

“Nah, I called just to wish you. Have a fun-filled year ahead.”

“Hei,,,,,, but…….Damn she cut the call…….Was she….? No it can’t be her.”

“Then in 2009. And every time I try to call her back, I wake up and don’t even remember her number.”

“I remember giving her my Uncle’s number as I was to change mine. I also remember uncle complaining to me one of those days that my friends now call him even in his dreams.”

“Harsh, she wishes you every year on your birthday. It’s no less than a miracle.”


“Harsh, I know I should have told you long back. But I couldn’t afford to see you shattered. I know how much you still love her. And now I know how much she loves you too.”

“Shefali, don’t scare me. Do you know where she is?”

“Harsh, Ana is in Coma from last 3 years.”

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