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Default Winner ~ You just can’t Win!!

September 26, 2010 2 comments

There was a time when few of my close friends used to regard me as a “Claustrophobic”, and today my sisters makes sure to ask me every Friday night “Di, where are you going tomorrow?” Huh talk of mockery or sarcasm, I bet sisters are best at that.

One such Saturday I was standing in the bus-stop waiting for the bus to come. There was a get-together planned by my friends and I was already very late. Nothing new. The calls have already started pouring in. Suddenly I noticed all the eyes around mocking at me. For a moment I thought may be it’s the admiring look and not the mocking one. I should be optimist. But deep within there was something that kept discouraging me. Ufff I felt my head growing heavy as if I was carrying a load. To touch my forehead when I lifted my hand up, I realized I was standing in the bus-stop with my helmet still on. Talk of absent mindedness and I bet I am the winner by default.

I was drafting an important mail. It was really urgent and I was already very late in sending it. It took me hours to complete the draft. Finally I was done. I hit the send button and gave a sigh of relief. I messaged to the concerned person asking to check the mail out. In fraction of second after message I received a new mail. It was from me, to me 😐 . Yes, I had sent the mail to myself instead of sending it to the other person.

Do you need any more proof of why do I call myself the “Default winner?”

How so ever absent minded I may be, I try to make sure in weekends I call all my friends with whom I had not talked for long. I was just done with the last call and my cell rang. It was from my sis. God that is when I realized it had been a week that I talked to her. As expected & obvious, she started with the complains-

“Do you even remember you have one more sis who is away from home and you should talk to her at least once in a day?

Huh leave once in a day it had been a week you called me up.

You never forget to log in to your Gmail/Facebook, but you forgot to even make me a call? Forgot to even inform me about your B’lore trip? ”

I have never been so ashamed of myself 🙄 .

B’lore trip reminds me of another blunder I committed.  The same weekend one of my best friend got married. Already she was angry on me as I didn’t attend her marriage cz of a stupid get-together as she called it. To worsen the things, I forgot to even call her up and wish 🙄 . I got reminded of it only after I was back to Chennai and thought I should call her at least now else even God won’t be able to save me. The thought of it was forgotten the same moment 🙄 .

The very next day I made sure I don’t think and just dialed her number. You can guess what her reaction would have been 😛 , but luckily hmm I have got such forgiving friends who forgive my every mistake irrespective of its seriousness.

Do you think I have learnt anything from all these lessons of blunders? Stay tuned to my space to know about it 😀

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