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Cry~Cry~Cry Kaiko nai karte hum

October 31, 2010 8 comments

Laughing is Contagious. Very contagious. When everyone around you is laughing their heart off its quite impossible to resist laughing even if you have no idea about what the joke was. Now I am not talking about the laugh that you pretend to save your foolish image rather the one that you just can’t have control on as everyone around you laughs. The sound of laughter when roars in the air has a natural ability to trigger the tickling cells your spine. Apart from having fun and joy laughing also acts as the best antidote against stress and thus harness our physical and mental growth by making our immune system better. And the best thing about laughing is you never need to be ashamed and are never ridiculed for doing it unless and until you make a fool of yourself by laughing where you should be at least pretending serious. I know it happens with most of us. At least with me cz the silliest thing has the ability to tickle all my cells and then I can stop only after all my energy has drained.

Crying too is contagious. That is why you may find yourself shedding tears seeing someone else crying.But did you know crying is more beneficial than laughing? Where controlling laugh isn’t infectious crying is.  It’s a proven fact that crying has the natural ability to wash off the stress hormones and thus makes us look better and fresh. Tears are of 3 types – Basal, Emotional and Irritant. Basal is the one that sheds while cutting onions. Irritant tears shed cz of irritation in eye. Emotional tears are the result of psychological activities and are known to contain 24% more protein as compared to other 2. And it is this protein that fights the stress hormones.

When we try to control the tears it strengthens the stress hormones and in turn can have many adverse effects. Though crying is considered to symbolize weakness it actually denotes the strength that one possess and the person is also said to be more connected to his/her emotions. Now you know why do women cry more than men 😉 .

Crying may not be healthy for our social and professional demeanor and may also seem to be silly/foolish act but the fact is one who has the ability to shed tears anytime and anywhere is considerably emotionally more stronger than anyone else. It’s easy to laugh when in public but not letting off the tears. Then why should we hide it? Why should we avoid it? Why to bother about what will other’s think? Why to hold it on when it worths nothihng? Why not just let it shed and take along everything.
Cry…….. cz it makes you strong!!
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Actions that Mind missed!

October 24, 2010 8 comments

One who said “Our mind co-ordinates our physical actions” definitely forgot to mention the exceptions. And my recent classes on “Nothing is Obvious” by a very gyaani Guru who dare to defer by any of the laws and rules of nature (keep guessing who) has also confirmed that there are some physical actions that require no co-ordination with brain.

Last Thursday I received an appreciation mail (You can clap 😀 ) and immediately I jumped out of the chair to call my colleague who sits beside me. After the congratulation process ended and I resumed to my senses, I turned to the keyboard to type a thank you note and realized, I had been clapping for self all the while and strangely enough w/o my own knowledge 🙄 . Thankfully none around questioned anything though there were some strange stares. Wonder why do only I fall victim of all these stupid acts.

Another physical action that happens w/o my knowledge is Driving. All I remember is when I start from home and when I reach. In between the 30 minutes of driving, what happens, how I reach, what comes my way, whom I come across, what passes by nothing is ever known. It’s almost like the kick kicks me to a slumber and the brake nudges me to senses. And oh what do I think all the way? NOTHING!!! 🙄 .

Suddenly I have been made to realize unintentionally through various incidents, conversations, observations that after having lost 20+ years too, the destiny and the path is unknown 🙄 . I have been walking on some path w/o my own knowledge that actually I am walking and suddenly when zapped back to senses, stand confused where should I turn to reach where 🙄 And they say our every physical action is governed by some intellectual mind 🙄 . Don’t know why the realization now and not before. Anyways better late than never and far better than realizing and repenting later in 60’s 😛 .

Now before I get regarded as nuts and I confuse you too with the dose of philosophies I better stop here 😀 . Have a wonderful week ahead.

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Please verify you are a Human

October 16, 2010 7 comments

We are living in Kalyug. The funny yug :D. The era where everything is measured with a suspicious eye. We stand questionable every single second of our life. And we go proving our self to the world every second. Let it be our identity, age or even gender. And if you fail to prove, you are misjudged.

No, I don’t believe you.
Hello, I am telling you I am above 18. Now give me the form.
See child, I have lots of work to complete don’t waste my time anymore.
What the hell. I am in fact working with an MNC. See my ID card. Now will you give me the form?

What is the proof you stay in this house?
You can come and check if you doubt.
It’s not funny. You need to produce the proof that you stay there.

Friend 1: Baap re. See how tall she is.
Friend 2: Yeah, and look at her pony tail. Funny.
Friend 3: We are hardly of her shoulder length. We won’t be even visible if everyone turns out to be of similar height here.

Friend 1,2,3(When the person turns): Hei, It’s a guy.
Friend 1: But how can you be so sure. Look at his/her face. So girly it is.
Friend 2,3: Shutttttt upppppppp.

It’s not limited to this. We have many a times even proved the we are the authors of our own posts, we are the true owner of our mail accounts, and have entered the verification codes for various things – while creating an account, while submitting a comment, while making changes to our data. But how will it feel if you are asked to verify that you are a HUMAN? 🙄

Just check the image below. I was searching what a  page rank is. And here is what i was asked to prove 🙄

Having no idea of what an Anti-Bot is, all I could guess is this verification is to save the HUMANS from being replaced by the ROBOS or ANIMALS even in the virtual world 😀 .

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LOA- Laws of Anger

October 15, 2010 2 comments

The LOA(Laws of Attraction) had been working so well for me from the last 2 weeks. And offlately  I have started to believe that for sure I am under some special observation in God’s laboratory 🙄 .

Being a victim of short-temper I have always tried to keep myself aloofed from anything and everything that raises my temper un-necessarily and it had worked very well untill the last two weeks. From last two weeks, the more I have been trying to keep myself cool the more is the rise in temper 🙄 . Thanks to the untimely unexpected  incidences. None is to be blamed cz as I said I am under some special observation,and probably in “Stress Testing” phase 😀 .

Stress testing-It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results.

As I said I have been trying hard to control the temper, and when I realized, I have been failing in all my attempts in last few days, I shifted my focus to “Go MUTE” whenever the temper level was above the danger mark. That was a selfish attempt to save myself from one of the by-product of Anger- “Guilt” that comes with the self-realization after the words are shot in the absence of conscience and presence of anger. And again the more I tried the more miserably I failed 🙄 .

But these things have made me realize somethings that resulted in this post-

LOA- Laws Of Anger

1. If you can’t have a control over Anger, avoid thinking over the matter that casues it. You must be having better things to think about.

2. If you can’t avoid thinking over the matter, avoid the company of people as Guilt kills. Spend time in your interests.

3. Lastly, if you just can’t take it anymore, let the anger burst out in what ever way possible and let the person responsible know it. Even if its you 😉 . Atleast in that way you will get over it 😀 .

Wish you a coooll weekend 🙂

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