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Cry~Cry~Cry Kaiko nai karte hum

October 31, 2010 8 comments

Laughing is Contagious. Very contagious. When everyone around you is laughing their heart off its quite impossible to resist laughing even if you have no idea about what the joke was. Now I am not talking about the laugh that you pretend to save your foolish image rather the one that you just can’t have control on as everyone around you laughs. The sound of laughter when roars in the air has a natural ability to trigger the tickling cells your spine. Apart from having fun and joy laughing also acts as the best antidote against stress and thus harness our physical and mental growth by making our immune system better. And the best thing about laughing is you never need to be ashamed and are never ridiculed for doing it unless and until you make a fool of yourself by laughing where you should be at least pretending serious. I know it happens with most of us. At least with me cz the silliest thing has the ability to tickle all my cells and then I can stop only after all my energy has drained.

Crying too is contagious. That is why you may find yourself shedding tears seeing someone else crying.But did you know crying is more beneficial than laughing? Where controlling laugh isn’t infectious crying is.  It’s a proven fact that crying has the natural ability to wash off the stress hormones and thus makes us look better and fresh. Tears are of 3 types – Basal, Emotional and Irritant. Basal is the one that sheds while cutting onions. Irritant tears shed cz of irritation in eye. Emotional tears are the result of psychological activities and are known to contain 24% more protein as compared to other 2. And it is this protein that fights the stress hormones.

When we try to control the tears it strengthens the stress hormones and in turn can have many adverse effects. Though crying is considered to symbolize weakness it actually denotes the strength that one possess and the person is also said to be more connected to his/her emotions. Now you know why do women cry more than men 😉 .

Crying may not be healthy for our social and professional demeanor and may also seem to be silly/foolish act but the fact is one who has the ability to shed tears anytime and anywhere is considerably emotionally more stronger than anyone else. It’s easy to laugh when in public but not letting off the tears. Then why should we hide it? Why should we avoid it? Why to bother about what will other’s think? Why to hold it on when it worths nothihng? Why not just let it shed and take along everything.
Cry…….. cz it makes you strong!!
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