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On a Silent Evening!

November 30, 2010 5 comments

I recently got the opportunity to visit Udipi. As for the 1st time I was traveling alone and had none beside to chit-chat ( I don’t like reading in Train) the only option I was left with is to stare outside the window and get lost in the beauty of the nature. The sky was unbelievably talkative that evening. And what it talked can be guessed from these pics-

Note- The pics are clicked from my cell while the train was moving.. so bear with the clarity… šŸ˜€

This one is my favorite. The tree stood tall and high among all others… but all alone….

I have no words to describe this as i myself was amazed….

Liked the way the two trees stood touching the sky together šŸ˜€

This one is a bonus pic… Looked like some one flying to me….. blame my imagination šŸ˜€

[Fredrick]~ Fredrick’s InnoFun shop

November 20, 2010 7 comments

Fredrick said “We can’t create anything new. Only God can.” We aren’t Gods. So what we can do is, “Combine what we know in a new way”. We can create it in a different manner.

Before I proceed I would like you to write down your definition of –

1. Idea

2. Creativity

3. Innovation

andĀ leave your definitions in the comment section before you proceed.

Different people among the audience gave different replies for the same. Some saidĀ CreativityĀ is thinking out of normal, Idea is about how it can make life easy, Innovation is serendipity. According to me Creativity is thinking in a different way that helps us generate ideas and if those ideas improvised leads to innovation.

As per Fredrick, Innovation is to make that idea happen. Innovation is powerful than Idea. People get ideas but they don’t do it. They don’t proceed with it rather leave it.

Creativity is the whole process. It is in idea. It is in Innovation. It is also about what happened before and after getting the idea.

There are 22k books on creativity. One of the example of books on creativity is “Blue Ocean Strategy” that says “Travel on your own path and don’t travel on the path alreadyĀ traveled.” The Blue ocean is a metaphor and a reference to the path which none has followed. It tells us not to be on the red path i.e where every one else is traveling.

Fredrick asked “What was Blue ocean strategy of Blue Ocean Strategy Book”? How is it different from other books on creativity? What they are asking people to do in the book, theyĀ them self actuallyĀ aren’t doing. The book shouldn’t only tell you to be different but also be different and the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” is different in no way and thus readers leave the book half way as they feel it is telling the same thing repeatedly. I wonder how many authors would have thought the same way. If they would have we wouldn’t be having 22k similar kind of books on creativity rather 22k creative books. What say?

He then spoke about his book which is an “IdeaBook”. It contains blank papers between every paper.

He asked the audience “How putting the white papers was not a good idea, not a very good idea but a brilliant idea?”.

What do you think could the reason be? Before you check out others answers and Fredrick’s real reason for the same I would like you to say, what you think was the reason behind the blank pages and how was the idea brilliant? I would request to leave your answers in the comment section and then proceed.

Again there was humongous response from people. Some said to continue the idea on the other page , another said to write down their own idea while they read, another said to scribble, author can get feedback through that and many more. But Fredrick wasn’t satisfied with the answers. He said the best answer he has got was from aĀ ChineseĀ who said “Even if the book sucks we can still make use of it.”

The IdeaBook is interactive and not monologue. There are 11kĀ managementĀ books published every year but the number that is sold is actually very very less. But he managed to sell 30k books in 30 days in Iceland,Ā  a country with hardly 3k people i.e the sale was 50 times better than Harry Potter.

“To be Innovative you don’t need to be very different.”

Then on being asked by one in the audience he told the actual reason about the white papers in the book. He gave 2 answers- Official and Unofficial. Official answer was “I am brilliant!” šŸ˜€ and the Unofficial answer is very confidential and he has asked us not to tell it to anybody, and so I am saying, don’t reveal it to anybody šŸ˜› . He said the book he wrote had only few papers and how can he call the ideas of just few papers a book and so he included the blank papers and it actually worked. “So, no idea is small or big rather it’s the way the idea is improvised forĀ Innovation.”

He then talked about Idea Perception. Idea perception is specific kind of creativity. Our perspective today is to understand how others ideas can be used.

He quoted the example of Laser.How Laser is now used for various treatments that the person who developed Laser wouldn’t have even thought before.

He also quoted the Ā example of Paint developed byĀ Akzo Nobel company that used the nano technology which makes one color paint look two. But the use of it is yet to be discovered. Any idea?

He then talked about the rules and regulations quoting examples of some funny incidents from Germany/Singapore and other countries. How his brother was forced by a German to swim in single lane even when there was none in the swimming pool and how he was asked to travel along the whole zig-zag queue even when he was the only person in the whole queue šŸ˜€ .

He concluded by saying in India we don’t have any rules and we get all freedom on earth. Then where lies the problem? He said the whole problem in India is with the schooling system.

He gave another funny example which I can’t resist mentioning here-

A teacher asked a student- “How will you measure the height of the building?”

The student replied- “He will go to the top of the building, throw the barometer down and he will know the height.”

The teacher said that the barometer will break. On giving another chance the student this time replied-

“I will tie the barometer with a rope and then throw it down. It won’t break and from the length of the rope i can know the height.”

Teacher was expecting the written usual method mentioned in the book and thus said-“You don’t have a rope.” She gave another chance and this time the student replied-

“I will go to the owner with a gun and scare him to tell the height of the building else I will shoot.” šŸ˜€

So this is how it is. A student is always expected to reply/write only what is written in the book.

He then explained about Innovation. Innovation is not about discovering new rather combining the two existing things to make a new thing.

He gave the example of Train.

A train is a combination of Steam Engine & Wheels. Which was later improvised to foster the speed and demands of people. Innovation is Incremental.

There were many exercises done in theĀ  workshop. But fortunately/unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend everything. But here are 2 that I attended and trust me I had never thought this way before šŸ˜€ .

1. List down 10 things that you think is IMPOSSIBLE.

He then asked everyone to match and check if even in their list matches with Fred’s list. And to his surprise there were many groups whose list didn’t match.Ā  He said he had never seen such creative people in the sessions he had done so far in various countries of the world. This was more than justĀ  compliment from the IDEAMANĀ  šŸ™‚ .

2. If mobile company make a car, how will the car be different?

And the best answer was from someone among the audience. He said-

1. Sliding feature in the car, so that we can slide in and out as per need.

2. Ring tones in the car instead of horn.

There were many other features mentioned but i could convince myself only with these 2 šŸ˜€ . You have anything to add?

These 2 days had been so much FUN+LEARNING for me. I will put up the post on that too soon. What mistakes I committed (How can there be no mistake where I am there? šŸ˜› )Ā  and what I learned from it and of course the fun part of it. Stay Tuned! šŸ™‚

[Fredrick]~Living in Developing country!

November 19, 2010 5 comments

People in developing country are more prepared to take up the change than in a developed country. A developed nation fear change. Things have changed and will keep changing in a developing nation as they understand the need to keep moving with time but a developed nation is still same as it was and will be. Humorously he quoted it with an example- A politician in China was asked “What China can teach Sweden?” Politician replied democracy, technology and person from Sweden said I am not asking what Sweden can teach china rather what can China teach Sweden?” TheĀ Politician didn’t understand the question/humor šŸ˜€ .

Before I go ahead with how we are lucky to be living in a developing country, I would like to know your thought. How do you think you are lucky to be living in a developing country? Please leave your replies in the comment section.

Here is what Fredrick said-

* DevelopingĀ country means I am still climbing I am still developing and that is about the whole people there.

*Ā Developed country means we are done. We are at the top. Our house is built. I don’t need any change.

* The major advantage of Developing country is they see change.

*Ā Developing country have Knowledge advantage.

*Ā Developing country people knows culture of other countries too and combines the both. He gave the example-Ā If you know Indian cooking if you know western cooking you can do fusion of both and thus we can get a Tandoori Pizza šŸ˜€ .

* Simplest example- People in developing country can design the fridge for developed countries as the know what they keep in fridge but a developed country can’tĀ becauseĀ they don’t know.

* People in developed countries do not know about other’s culture, leaders & happenings. People in developing nation do. They know both side stories well.

*Ā People in developed countries cant even name the names of 10 leaders of developing nations who are still alive. Who you think has the knowledge advantage?

*Ā People in India have potential to dream I dont say you are doing but you have the potential.

*Ā America invents Iphone and China invents the copy of Iphone šŸ˜€

*Ā Its not about Copyright. Not about copy right but about copying right šŸ˜€

* Developing nations areĀ innovative.

He concluded the speech with quote “May India never become the developed country!” and asked us to think of one question before we go to sleep- “Are you a developing nation or are you developed?” And finally he said he has lots of hope from us.

PS: The pic is clicked by Prem and not me.

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[Fredrick]~How Fredrictive are you? ;)

November 19, 2010 1 comment

Hope you now have a rough idea about the kind of speaker he is. The following post will give you a clear picture of him.

He then spoke about “What is creativity and what is idea?”
Many people divide the idea into good and bad, big and small which is absolutely wrong. No idea is good/bad, big/small.

He quoted the example of 9/11 to explain that. What do you think 9/11 was a good idea or a bad idea? Most of the people said it was a bad idea but he said it was a brilliant idea quoting Ā the outcome achieved out of it.

Talking about creativity he said “A creative person takes 2 formally known things and combines in a new way. All the ideas areĀ rearrangedĀ and recombined to do Innovation.” Quoting examples he said Alexander designed many things but there are many lapse. Alexander combined 2 already existing things to make something new.

1. Lamp + Do not disturb symbol= Do not disturb lamp- Later improvised as “Do not disturb doors” that glows green and red.

2. Lamp + Alexander’s brain= Brain lamp ( had exact copy of his brain over the stand)

His formula of idea=p(k+i) where

p= No of people


i= Information

Which means the number of ideas generated is the product of no of people and the summation of knowledge and information. Today the population is exploding and so are the ideas. But how and for what to make use of those ideas is the question.

The world’s best Paint company Akzo Nobel produced the paint that being one color looks like 2. What was thought of as a scientific fiction has now become a scientific fact which 10 years back none would be believed. But they don’t know what purpose it can serve and where it can be used. It’s the creativity and imagination behind the paint made using the nano technologies.

Where you think this paint can be used? Any ideas? How Fredrictive are you? šŸ˜‰ (Fredrick+Creativie=Fredrictive šŸ˜› ) If you have any please share with us in the comment section.

He then spoke about “How people are lucky to be living in a developing country?” A very interesting and often ignored topic. You can read that here.

PS: Bear the Fredrick effect in titles cz I am just not able to come over the session šŸ˜€


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[Fredrick]~Fredrick+Introduction= ‘Fredriction’ :P

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday have been one of the most happening day of my life. And when I say happening it doesn’t mean only fun this time but also there is so much learning that happened yesterday in just few hours which would have hardly happened in any other day of my life. And I seriously mean it. If you had been there in my place one among the audience I bet you too would have been as enthralled as I am. There is so much to share and I just hate lengthy posts. So I choose to split what I am going to speak in parts.

Yesterday the 2nd day of the Innovation Summit, we had Fredrick Haren, the great Author of 7 Idea books hosting a workshop for us. And what a wonderful, entertaining,Ā humorous, creative I am running short of adjectives to describe the kind of speaker he is. He is simply the Brilliant or I would say even that is an understatement for him. This was one of the most wonderful session I have ever attended and one of the most impressive speaker i have ever met. He surely does know what to speak to what kind of audience and it was pretty much clear from his approach towards us as a speaker. I have met knowledgeableĀ speaker, entertaining speaker but the kind of humor+learning he brings in his speech is simply commendable. If you ever get a chance to hear him I will say Just don’t miss it. If I go on praising him I think I am never going to stop. So better I get to the point.

In this post I will speak just about how he started the session to give an idea about the kind of speaker he is šŸ˜€

He asked 3 questions to the audience-

1. How many of you think you are creative?

2. How many of you think creativity is important to your job?

3. How many of you think company is doing enough for you to be creative?

Before you proceed I would like you to answer the above questions in the comment section.

* He said most of the people say Yes. He commented that Singapore is the worst country as only 20% of people say YES. They lack the confidence. But as here in India 90 to 95 % people said YES, Indians are more confident. But just because you say you are creative you aren’t creative. Just as most Americans think they are beautiful as compared to others they actually aren’t. Most of the people think they are intelligent but actually they aren’t.


* Most westerners say China is very low. But actually China is very high.

* Once in a session in Korea he asked “How many in this room think they are creative?” none raised the hand. Then only one guy raised and said “NO”. They have very low level of confidence.

* Only the HR and the person seated next to him says that creativity is needed in a company.

* He moved to China 5 years back because the president of China said 15 years down the line China is going to be an “Innovative Country”. And where the Leader is Innovative people are prone to be Innovative.

* He then said he has been learning about the developing nations in China for 5 years and haveĀ traveledĀ aĀ maniacĀ in life.

He then talked about creativity and Innovation that you can read here.


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Heights of “Satyabrata Dam”

November 18, 2010 2 comments

I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Innovation Summit 2010 held at Cognizant. Satyabrata Dam- a Submariner and mountaineer was one of the most impressive speaker in the Summit who enthralled the crowd with his pics of various mountains he had climbed and how he had escaped death many a times unexpectedly. He explained how mountains and the work we do in IT is related though there seems to be no relation between both. Another interesting thing was the quote in the T-Shirt he was wearing- “Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most” and he called himself a mindless person and we the audience as great for listening to a mindless person šŸ˜€ .

Every word he spoke was conveying something to us. I have put his words in bullets rather in paragraphs for the convenience ofĀ  readability.

Here is what he said-

* Never counter anybody rather counter the weakness that limitsĀ  the mind.

* It’s important to have fun to reach any pinnacle. The day he stops having fun he will stop climbing. Same applies to the work we do.

* He has no boundaries. There is only vertical boundary. AndĀ  if we want to succeed in life we should come over all our mental barriers.

* Action is very important. As Krishna says in Geetha- “You have to act down the line”.

* Mountains have all the answer, no matter what the question is. Whenever he is on the edge of it he tend to ask many questions and the mountains answer.

* He has improvised himself by going to the isolation, cutting off from theĀ  rest of the world, last and final authority.

* There exists a parallel between climbing the mountain and the work we do.

* Any mountain big or small has to be climbed one step at a time. We cannot jump. If we have to reach the heightsĀ  there are no hard and fast rules. Climb one step at a time.

* Rather than following someone’s step we should walk on our own step.

* A good follower only can become a good leader. And this is what innovation is all about.

* When we pave our own path we are innovating.

* If you are not failing you are not doing something hard and innovative enough. Take chances as you can’t excel with limits and boundaries. If you don’t succeed the next generation will.

* Always keep going higher and further and just don’t be satisfied.

* There are many everests in every person’s life and we all climb up in our own unique style.

* Always take the road that none has taken and you will find it amazing. There is motivation to succeed and failure is not an option.

*Ā  There is much more to mountains than just rock and ice. Many a times he has fallen down when whole of his body got covered with tons of ice and every time people thought he is dead he came out alive.

* But these failures have taught him something.Ā  He should go prepared the next time.

Apart from this he showed us some rare pictures taken by him on mountains. And he concluded by sayingĀ “See you all on TOP”.

He talks about his journey and puts the pic at his website- .


PS: The pic is clicked by Prem and not me.

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Friends & Sweets~ Nostalgia!!

November 6, 2010 6 comments

The Diwali celebration this time though unintentional but wasn’t like the usual one. Usually the celebration would start a week advance with cleaning the house, dusting, lots of shopping, lots of making sweets and meeting + greeting friends and relatives. It’s the change in time and situations now I guess that Diwali celebrations that until last year meant roaming with friends, visiting each other’s house, bursting crackers together, non-stop chit chats and screaming together at the top of our voices, this time it was all about recalling everything and getting nostalgic over some unintentionally forgotten or ignored bonds.

With time running so fast and meeting different people along the journey, Ā every one of us being on a different track and different stages of our lives, don’t know why something changes and there arises the need of an EXCUSE to get back to those old days. And this Diwali was nothing more than an excuse to scold all those friends who haven’t called up from sometime and get scoldings for the same from others šŸ˜€ . Calling up friends,Ā sharingĀ theĀ happeningsĀ of months in some minutes, relishing all the good old memories, crying over the impossibility of meeting up, Ā and swearing each other for not contacting often…. hmm it was altogether a different experience. It made me realize one thing- Time changes the situations but the true relations remains the same.
Wish you all a very happy Diwali šŸ™‚ .

hihihi now how can this post be complete w/o any pics? We had a small celebration in office too. And here are some pics of the dishes prepared by my colleagues.
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