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Friends & Sweets~ Nostalgia!!

November 6, 2010 6 comments

The Diwali celebration this time though unintentional but wasn’t like the usual one. Usually the celebration would start a week advance with cleaning the house, dusting, lots of shopping, lots of making sweets and meeting + greeting friends and relatives. It’s the change in time and situations now I guess that Diwali celebrations that until last year meant roaming with friends, visiting each other’s house, bursting crackers together, non-stop chit chats and screaming together at the top of our voices, this time it was all about recalling everything and getting nostalgic over some unintentionally forgotten or ignored bonds.

With time running so fast and meeting different people along the journey,  every one of us being on a different track and different stages of our lives, don’t know why something changes and there arises the need of an EXCUSE to get back to those old days. And this Diwali was nothing more than an excuse to scold all those friends who haven’t called up from sometime and get scoldings for the same from others 😀 . Calling up friends, sharing the happenings of months in some minutes, relishing all the good old memories, crying over the impossibility of meeting up,  and swearing each other for not contacting often…. hmm it was altogether a different experience. It made me realize one thing- Time changes the situations but the true relations remains the same.
Wish you all a very happy Diwali 🙂 .

hihihi now how can this post be complete w/o any pics? We had a small celebration in office too. And here are some pics of the dishes prepared by my colleagues.
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