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Heights of “Satyabrata Dam”

November 18, 2010 2 comments

I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Innovation Summit 2010 held at Cognizant. Satyabrata Dam- a Submariner and mountaineer was one of the most impressive speaker in the Summit who enthralled the crowd with his pics of various mountains he had climbed and how he had escaped death many a times unexpectedly. He explained how mountains and the work we do in IT is related though there seems to be no relation between both. Another interesting thing was the quote in the T-Shirt he was wearing- “Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most” and he called himself a mindless person and we the audience as great for listening to a mindless person 😀 .

Every word he spoke was conveying something to us. I have put his words in bullets rather in paragraphs for the convenience of  readability.

Here is what he said-

* Never counter anybody rather counter the weakness that limits  the mind.

* It’s important to have fun to reach any pinnacle. The day he stops having fun he will stop climbing. Same applies to the work we do.

* He has no boundaries. There is only vertical boundary. And  if we want to succeed in life we should come over all our mental barriers.

* Action is very important. As Krishna says in Geetha- “You have to act down the line”.

* Mountains have all the answer, no matter what the question is. Whenever he is on the edge of it he tend to ask many questions and the mountains answer.

* He has improvised himself by going to the isolation, cutting off from the  rest of the world, last and final authority.

* There exists a parallel between climbing the mountain and the work we do.

* Any mountain big or small has to be climbed one step at a time. We cannot jump. If we have to reach the heights  there are no hard and fast rules. Climb one step at a time.

* Rather than following someone’s step we should walk on our own step.

* A good follower only can become a good leader. And this is what innovation is all about.

* When we pave our own path we are innovating.

* If you are not failing you are not doing something hard and innovative enough. Take chances as you can’t excel with limits and boundaries. If you don’t succeed the next generation will.

* Always keep going higher and further and just don’t be satisfied.

* There are many everests in every person’s life and we all climb up in our own unique style.

* Always take the road that none has taken and you will find it amazing. There is motivation to succeed and failure is not an option.

*  There is much more to mountains than just rock and ice. Many a times he has fallen down when whole of his body got covered with tons of ice and every time people thought he is dead he came out alive.

* But these failures have taught him something.  He should go prepared the next time.

Apart from this he showed us some rare pictures taken by him on mountains. And he concluded by saying “See you all on TOP”.

He talks about his journey and puts the pic at his website- .


PS: The pic is clicked by Prem and not me.

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