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[Fredrick]~Fredrick+Introduction= ‘Fredriction’ :P

Yesterday have been one of the most happening day of my life. And when I say happening it doesn’t mean only fun this time but also there is so much learning that happened yesterday in just few hours which would have hardly happened in any other day of my life. And I seriously mean it. If you had been there in my place one among the audience I bet you too would have been as enthralled as I am. There is so much to share and I just hate lengthy posts. So I choose to split what I am going to speak in parts.

Yesterday the 2nd day of the Innovation Summit, we had Fredrick Haren, the great Author of 7 Idea books hosting a workshop for us. And what a wonderful, entertaining, humorous, creative I am running short of adjectives to describe the kind of speaker he is. He is simply the Brilliant or I would say even that is an understatement for him. This was one of the most wonderful session I have ever attended and one of the most impressive speaker i have ever met. He surely does know what to speak to what kind of audience and it was pretty much clear from his approach towards us as a speaker. I have met knowledgeable speaker, entertaining speaker but the kind of humor+learning he brings in his speech is simply commendable. If you ever get a chance to hear him I will say Just don’t miss it. If I go on praising him I think I am never going to stop. So better I get to the point.

In this post I will speak just about how he started the session to give an idea about the kind of speaker he is 😀

He asked 3 questions to the audience-

1. How many of you think you are creative?

2. How many of you think creativity is important to your job?

3. How many of you think company is doing enough for you to be creative?

Before you proceed I would like you to answer the above questions in the comment section.

* He said most of the people say Yes. He commented that Singapore is the worst country as only 20% of people say YES. They lack the confidence. But as here in India 90 to 95 % people said YES, Indians are more confident. But just because you say you are creative you aren’t creative. Just as most Americans think they are beautiful as compared to others they actually aren’t. Most of the people think they are intelligent but actually they aren’t.


* Most westerners say China is very low. But actually China is very high.

* Once in a session in Korea he asked “How many in this room think they are creative?” none raised the hand. Then only one guy raised and said “NO”. They have very low level of confidence.

* Only the HR and the person seated next to him says that creativity is needed in a company.

* He moved to China 5 years back because the president of China said 15 years down the line China is going to be an “Innovative Country”. And where the Leader is Innovative people are prone to be Innovative.

* He then said he has been learning about the developing nations in China for 5 years and have traveled a maniac in life.

He then talked about creativity and Innovation that you can read here.


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