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[Fredrick]~How Fredrictive are you? ;)

Hope you now have a rough idea about the kind of speaker he is. The following post will give you a clear picture of him.

He then spoke about “What is creativity and what is idea?”
Many people divide the idea into good and bad, big and small which is absolutely wrong. No idea is good/bad, big/small.

He quoted the example of 9/11 to explain that. What do you think 9/11 was a good idea or a bad idea? Most of the people said it was a bad idea but he said it was a brilliant idea quoting  the outcome achieved out of it.

Talking about creativity he said “A creative person takes 2 formally known things and combines in a new way. All the ideas are rearranged and recombined to do Innovation.” Quoting examples he said Alexander designed many things but there are many lapse. Alexander combined 2 already existing things to make something new.

1. Lamp + Do not disturb symbol= Do not disturb lamp- Later improvised as “Do not disturb doors” that glows green and red.

2. Lamp + Alexander’s brain= Brain lamp ( had exact copy of his brain over the stand)

His formula of idea=p(k+i) where

p= No of people


i= Information

Which means the number of ideas generated is the product of no of people and the summation of knowledge and information. Today the population is exploding and so are the ideas. But how and for what to make use of those ideas is the question.

The world’s best Paint company Akzo Nobel produced the paint that being one color looks like 2. What was thought of as a scientific fiction has now become a scientific fact which 10 years back none would be believed. But they don’t know what purpose it can serve and where it can be used. It’s the creativity and imagination behind the paint made using the nano technologies.

Where you think this paint can be used? Any ideas? How Fredrictive are you? 😉 (Fredrick+Creativie=Fredrictive 😛 ) If you have any please share with us in the comment section.

He then spoke about “How people are lucky to be living in a developing country?” A very interesting and often ignored topic. You can read that here.

PS: Bear the Fredrick effect in titles cz I am just not able to come over the session 😀


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