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On a Silent Evening!

November 30, 2010 5 comments

I recently got the opportunity to visit Udipi. As for the 1st time I was traveling alone and had none beside to chit-chat ( I don’t like reading in Train) the only option I was left with is to stare outside the window and get lost in the beauty of the nature. The sky was unbelievably talkative that evening. And what it talked can be guessed from these pics-

Note- The pics are clicked from my cell while the train was moving.. so bear with the clarity… 😀

This one is my favorite. The tree stood tall and high among all others… but all alone….

I have no words to describe this as i myself was amazed….

Liked the way the two trees stood touching the sky together 😀

This one is a bonus pic… Looked like some one flying to me….. blame my imagination 😀

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